As we deconstructed back in June, this year has seen two different Black Flag related reunions. The founding guitarist Greg Ginn is touring with Ron Reyes as Black Flag. They have released new songs, and are currently on an extensive US tour. Meanwhile, former Black Flag members Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, Chuck Dukowski, and Bill Stevenson are touring as FLAG. And now, obviously, there is a lawsuit over copyright infringement.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ginn has filed a lawsuit against the members of FLAG, claiming the band’s re-purposing of Black Flag’s name and logo “infringes on Black Flag rights owned by him and his label, SST Records.” “Ginn accuses Garfield and Morris of lying to the Trademark Office on registrations,” reports the Reporter, “using his own label’s record covers to feign as though they’ve been continuing to use Black Flag since 1979, and in an what’s alleged to be an act of ’outrageous fraud’ using bootleg SST t-shirts in an attempt to show they’ve been making such products in that time.” Read the suit online here. Henry Rollins is named as a defendant.

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  1. Good luck with that. Lawsuits like this pretty much never have any success. As long as FLAG isn’t claiming to actually be Black Flag, they’re in the clear. By the logic Ginn is using pretty much any cover band with a similar name would also be in breach.

    • The difference here is they are using the Black Flag logo in advertising, are playing Black Flag material and are advertising themselves as former Black Flag members. He’s got more of a claim here than most, even though it’s ridiculous.

  2. Wow, that Greg Ginn has certainly become a man of sterling principles. I guess this newfound righteousness means he’ll finally be getting around to paying Husker Du that mountain of album royalties.

  3. FLAG is returning some credibility to the Black Flag “brand,” which probably causes more people to buy their old albums and merch, which then lines Greg Ginn’s pockets with money as far as I’m concerned. As far as Greg Ginn is probably concerned, FLAG’s reunion probably looks like its having more success than his version that actually used the actual band name, and now he’s jealous again (lol.)

  4. There is NOTHING more punk than a lawsuit.

  5. too bad greg ginn’s is quite terrible.

  6. What is not being discussed is damn near every song Flag plays was written by Greg Ginn.

  7. I don’t understand why Rollins is getting sued, too. He’s been Switzerland in this whole ordeal.

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