Midlake will release Antiphon, the follow-up to 2010′s The Courage Of Others and their first album since the departure of former frontman Tim Smith, later this year. Their first offering from the LP is its title track, a song that relies heavily on their ’60s UK influences but has a much more current kick to it. Check it out below.

Antiphon is out 11/5.

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  1. So fucking psyched. I have seen them twice and they are incredible live. Sad to see Tim leave though.

  2. admittedly this sounds pretty bitchin, but there’s no denying it’s missing the emotional gravitas of Smith’s voice, which always felt like the one defining characteristic of the band, with how radically the instrumentation changed from album to album.

    as much as I understand it from a branding/promotional point of view, I still hate it when bands keep their old name post-breakup when the dynamic has been utterly changed, but I digress.

    I wonder if the world will ever see a Harp album, if Smith’s perfectionism has become that crippling

    • Smith’s voice was what drew me in, but I remember thinking during a live show that at least two of the backing vocals had magnificent voices as well. Not as distinct, though, his voice could tell you a story without lyrics.

      But I wonder if he left due to artistic differences? This is very far from The Courage of Others, which suits me fine, to be honest. It reminds me of Grizzly Bear.

  3. I love Smith’s voice, but there’s an energy and enthusiasm to the new Midlake that’s been missing since Trials. Bravo!

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