Arctic Monkeys - "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" Video

A wasted Alex Turner hallucinates after a late night at the pub in the Nabil-directed video for “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?,” the latest single from Arctic Monkeys’ forthcoming AM. “It’s all sparse, clean lines and plaintively conversational lyrics, and it finds unforeseen common ground with, say, the xx, and Jessie Ware and all the other towering figures in the UK’s recent wave of dark and slinky R&B-derived pop,” Tom wrote of the song last month. Watch the clip below.

AM is out 9/10 on Domino.

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  1. Loved the video. Loved the song. Bring on the album.

  2. This video and song were AMAZING! I love the evolution of the Arctic Monkey’s. I am a huge bloc party fan and wasn’t a huge Arctic Monkey’s fan early on. It seems like as both bands “grow” their roles have switched. I have been really digging where AM has been going with their music and this chill straight forward and lyrically unique single really has me anticipating and wanting their new record!


  3. I hope the “you’re” means “you WERE.” Otherwise, the inconsistency in tenses is bothering me.


  4. It’s British slang.

  5. I’ve tried to be as open minded as possible for Arctic Monkeys; I’m always checking out their new output and go into each experience ready to be turned on.

    But it doesn’t happen. I’m sorry but I don’t understand how people feel this song isn’t boring unless they’re just big enough fans of AM where AM is infallible to them or something.

    This song, like many others of theirs, lacks any unique hooks or novel qualities that separate it from say, a generic tune churned out by a soundalike publishing house that makes songs for car commercials or something. The band’s lyrics are frequently contrived and many times, lame efforts at being associated with something cool or edgy. Oh, it’s about drugs?? How interesting…

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