Lorde - Royals - Weeknd remix

Lorde is the 16-year-old New Zealand songstress Ella Yelich-O’Connor; her debut album Pure Heroine is out in September via Universal. In advance of the record, she released a single, “Royals,” which The Weeknd have just remixed. Hear the Weeknd’s take on the track below.

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  1. Great remix. Been wondering why the original hasn’t been getting more attention. This Lorde chick is an interesting talent and I’m curious to see what she’s capable of.

    • The thing about her is that her talents and sensibilities are still not mature. So many aspects of the lyrics the production and even some vocal mannerisms resemble some other recent girls, like Charli XCX or Lana Del Rey. So she hasn’t really stood out on her own so much yet, and I fear what the hype for one song could do to such a young girl without much music background still in process of developing her identity, not just as a music artist, by the way. I do think she is actually a tad overhyped, so much so her song is actually top 10 on iTunes and just a bit behind Gaga.

      That said, I do think the original is okay, decent, but that this remix is so, so much better. I barely even listened to the original as I didn’t feel very compelled to comeback to it and found it more a sign of potential than a truly interesting song on its own, but I replayed the remix a couple of times already. I agree that there’s something interesting about her though.

      • Difference is “Royals” is better than anything I’ve heard by Lana Del Rey for sure, and just as good if not better than Charli. The EP she dropped with this track on it is killer.

  2. Its been getting heaps of play in Australia

  3. Personally I thought the remix was cluttered and sort of offensive to the original. My guess is it was a directive from label execs to try to get some synergistic buzz and drive sales. But as art,-Fail.

  4. Lorde has been writing her own songs since she was 12, and prefers to be called a musician instead of just a singer. She says she is “first and foremost a writer it’s all about the lyrics.” http://goo.gl/XM5uqm

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