As we previously reported, Kanye West appeared on Kris Jenner’s talk show today, where they discussed, what Jenner called, the “journey” of Kim and Kanye’s love affair and it’s bizarrely hilarious. They also talked about how, despite Kanye’s self-declared “musical genius,” he doesn’t know how to install a car seat, how he used to Photoshop himself into the Kardashian family Christmas card, and his parents. And he did the whole thing in his Talking To Your Girlfriend’s Mom voice! Check it out, along with the photo of baby North he revealed, below.

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  1. “There’s no blog comment that’s going to take that [joy] away from me.”

    Challenge: Accepted

  2. It’s kind of amazing how much of a money-maker this entire thing is/will be. It’s like the dude learned how to literally turn sperm into gold. God knows how much this whole thing (appearance, interview, picture, etc.) is worth (and I’m sure there was some expertly executed hard bargaining to make this happen the way it did). Selling pictures of his bb and letting this growing family empire profit so hugely off of a newborn should be pretty interesting to watch. I genuinely hope that little girl grows up ok though. All odds are certainly against her.

    • I thought Kanye said he didn’t want to sell the pictures, and that he didn’t allow Kim and Kris to do so either? Kanye can be an asshole sometimes, but I don’t think he is staging this, I think it’s very sincere.

      • Maybe…but I’m always skeptical when it comes to this guy. His whole anti-corporate/obviously very corporate last album tells me he knows how to get them greenbacks at any cost to morals/dignity. I guess selling advertising on a show that debuts the picture and probably got mad viewership simply because of it definitely has someone profiting heavily, no question about that, and it’s hard to imagine that wasn’t considered. Maybe he’s just a really great guy though.

        • I think Kanye is immature and impulsive, but I don’t see him as calculating or scheming enough to plan this as a career boost. That would involve him actually thinking things though, which isn’t exactly his strong suit (and I say this as big Kanye fan).

          Plus, Kanye was very, very attached to his mother and family in general. I do think this is one thing he’ll cut the bullshit for, or the very least, respect enough to use as career move. I do believe him when he says he decided to do that with Kris because he didn’t want the press involved. I also believe this was probably a compromise to the Kashardians wanting to sell pictures of North. Again, Kanye can be an asshole, but regarding this, I don’t think he has done anything bad (yet).


  3. He’s really trying to hide his “hurry up with my damn croissants” persona here

  4. The pitch of his voice is hilarious.

    But I mean doesn’t it happen to all of us when we talk to our significant others’ parents?

  5. They should have discussed the inspiration behind Im In It

  6. Watching him sit through this thing makes me believe that he really is head over heels in love with Kim K.

  7. So has Kris ever sat down and actually listened to Yeezus?

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