A remix edition of Matt & Kim’s 2012-released Lightning LP will be out in October and the duo have revealed (wokka, wokka) an Edenic cover for the release. The Brooklyn band are no strangers to public nudity, as they stripped down from heavy coats to nothing in Time Square in their 2009 video for “Lessons Learned.” The new release will feature remixes from Bonde Do Rolê, Salva, Anamanaguchi, and more. You could also be included on that list by entering a contest the band is holding to remix their song “Tonight,” which you can read more about here.

Lightning Remixes is out 10/1.

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  1. I would appreciate if Stereogum would compile a history of artists being nude in videos (more particulary the ones with blurred out nudity), and then broke down which artists are actually nude in their videos and which are just faking it under the blur. I feel like what’s my age again was fake and I wasn’t sure about the matt and kim video, but I WANT TO KNOW FOR SURE!

    • from a 2009 Q&A:

      Pitchfork: How nude were you guys in this video, exactly?

      MJ: We were totally nude. Kim was like, “Please don’t make me do this!” The next video is going to just be us chilling on a beach drinking margaritas.

      • Thank you very much…now where’s that now where’s that 2000 interview with Blink 182 and that and your 1999 interview with Alanis Morissette. Really though, I appreciate the reply and if you happen to have the maturity of a middle schooler you might get a giggle out of wikipedia’s description of the Thank U video….her vulva blurred out…hehehehe

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