A strange video appeared online today: a very brightly colored commercial featuring a Japanese girl asking “Do you like music?” and suggesting that if you do, you should check out the Weeknd’s music and call the phone number scrolling all over the screen. Punctuating words such as “exciting” and “happy time” are interspersed with second-long shots of people having sex — it’d be almost subliminal if it wasn’t for all the moaning (they’re brief, but it’s arguably enough to make this NSFW.)

If you do call the Ontario number, 647-794-9223, however, you get something almost the complete opposite of the video advertising it: a minute-long recording of Abel Tesfaye thanking you for supporting his music and expressing how honored he is to be able to do what he does. He gets pretty personal and it feels genuine. He ends the message by saying he will be randomly calling back people to say, “What up,” so if you want a chance to talk to Tesfaye on the phone you might want to call. Regardless it’s a really heartfelt message from an artist, delivered in a direct and sincere way. Watch it below and check out the stream for his major label debut Kissland

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  1. No way I’m gonna call Canada when I’m from Brazil, but his new album is great and I think everyone there, if just for the change for Abel Tesfaye calling you to talk whatever one day.

    Really hope people get to his and Janelle’s album, they are really setting the bar high for all September releases.

  2. “So, Abel… are you a fan of Portishead?”

    • Right? I heard that as well when I checked out the album. There was another very popular / prevalent hip hop sample but I couldn’t quite place it…

  3. It must suck to be an Asian girl.

    You’ve got a constant stream of THE creepiest white dudes coming up to you and thinking that you’re the embodiment of their submissive schoolgirl fantasy. Really, I don’t know that any demographic in this country are as overtly, perversely fetishized as women of east Asian descent.

    Clever marketing gimmick, though.

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