Bruno Mars

UPDATE: It’s official.

According to the LA Times, Bruno Mars is expected to headline the Super Bowl this year. The Super Bowl XLVIII will take place in February at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The LA Times also reports that an announcement about the performance might be made as soon as this Sunday though the neither the NFL or Fox would comment. “An NFL spokesman would only jokingly say that Janet Jackson and Miley Cyrus have been ruled out as performers,” the Times writes. Bruno Mars also recently performed at the MTV Video Music Awards; check out a video of that performance below.

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  1. Was Justin Timberlake not available? This is a serious question — It just seems like it would have made for a more logical choice. Both are showmen, I guess, but JT dominates slightly more so than Grenade guy here.

    • I think JT dominates much more than Bruno. After that killer VMA performance, I thought Justin was a lock for sure.

      After Madonna and Beyonce, this sort of a minor disappointment actually. Bruno has a lot of hits, but I’m not sure he has iconic songs. Maybe Locked Out of Heaven might be one in the future? But he is not one that comes to mind when I think of performers with an undeniable impression on pop culture.

      • My friend brought up an interesting point about JT, though, and it’s the wardrobe malfunction incident may still be too raw of a memory in 2013 to warrant an invite back.

  2. was no one else around? hell, i’d take Bieber over this coke head…..

    • There has to something similar to Godwin’s Law, but in relation to music discussions:

      “As an online discussion regarding music grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Justin Bieber approaches 1.”

  3. Given that he probably put on one of the least embarrassing performances at the MTV VMAs, I’ll allow it.

  4. Souls have just got The Boss again. Or Hov. Or both.

  5. This is really a terrible joke that sets a bad precedent that will basically ruin any real performers ever consider doing the halftime show. So many idiots in the media bitched when the older legends would perform, so for the last couple of years we’ve had 2 artists in a row lip-sync their performances and no major publications or websites would dare criticize either one.

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