UPDATE: Watch the “Reflektor” interactive video here and Anton Corbijn’s video here.

Yesterday we posted what is believed to be the artwork for the new album by the Arcade Fire, Reflektor, out 10/29 via Merge. The band has announced that on Monday 9/9 at 9PM they will release the album’s title track and video. Earlier today, Pitchfork posted a Bandcamp stream of a song that a reader sent them, which they believed to be the single, and those lyrics we posted can be heard on it. (It sounds like David Bowie, who was in the studio with James Murphy and Arcade Fire while the album was being recorded, might also be singing on this track. UPDATE: He is!) The audio has now been removed from Bandcamp, but you can look for it here hear it below.

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  1. This is EXACTLY what I hoped to hear when I first heard James Murphy was producing an Arcade Fire album. and I LOVE IT!

  2. Arcade Fire burns down the disco.

  3. Awesome

  4. I can see this turning off some purist fans, but I love it! Now I’m even more hyped for the album.

  5. Woah, I’m into it.

  6. it’s perfect n just about every way! always one step ahead…

  7. It’s like listening to an LCD Soundsystem song!

  8. No way, this is too awesome. Arcade Fire + James Murphy + David Bowie?????????????? How does something like this even happen?

  9. arcade fire! at the disco

  10. The length of it is just as good as everything else.

  11. Wow. Epic. If the whole album can support the weight of this single – we’ll have another classic from Arcade Fire.

  12. they took it down WAHHHHHHH

  13. I was never really able to get in with LCD Soundsystem, so I was really hoping James Murphy would make his presence a bit more subtle. Ooooh weellll. Maybe I’ll dig it when we get a higher quality version; here’s to hoping I get my 45 on Cainday.

  14. Gotta say, I’m less than blown away. I can get behind that chorus for days, but the rest of it leaves me underwhelmed. Maybe it’s the whole disco revival thing (comes off as a little cheesy), maybe it’s that the teaser trailer made me believe the album would be headed in a whole different direction.

    Still excited, just a little wary now.

    • why are ppl saying this them going disco and its a disco revival? they have shittons of bangers including ones with synths, including one of their all-time best: sprawl II

      • I was also reminded of Sprawl II which is kind of their best song (maybe). So the dancier, the better for Arcade Fire I think.

      • Sprawl II is one of my favorite AF songs too. In my book it succeeds because it took some disco elements (the beat, the synths, and the airy vocals) and worked them seamlessly into the Arcade Fire sound. It doesn’t seem like a stretch to me. On this, however,beat sounds less discoy, but some of the vocals on the verses and the synths sound to me like they’re aiming for Abba a little too hard. Maybe it’s just me though. After comparing the two, Sprawl does seem more like the straightforward genre exercise, but it’s also a lot less cheesy.

    • I agree it’s somewhat disappointing the album “trailer” music seems to be the isolated strings and conga tracks from this song, but you never know. they are known to reprise themes throughout their albums, right? so maybe the swelling strings that we hear on the teaser video will actually appear somewhere else on the album.

      Having said that, I love this song.

  15. This gets better with each listen. I love it. The production is bloody gorgeous and it’s going to sound so amazing in HQ version.

  16. The last 2 or so minutes of the song are pure bliss. I love how the track builds from there and gets more and more intense towards the very end.

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  18. I’m not gonna lie I’ve never been a big fan of Arcade Fire but I’m really enjoying this. I bet in a couple of weeks we’ll be hearing this song in Apple commercials for their new iphone.

  19. Instantaneous love. What a great track. Can’t stop moving.
    Pumped for the album. So good to hear new Arcade Fire.

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  21. This reminds me quite a bit of the band !!!. Very cool song.

  22. Thank you Stereogum for sharing the love.

  23. Now those Montreal misfits know how to groove I tells ya.

  24. Disco, over seven minutes long, produced by James Murphy, featuring David Bowie and both Win and Regine share vocals. I may have found my song of the year.

  25. Can’t wait for a high quality cut of this one.

    Totally left field, but totally awesome.

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    • I have to disagree. It’s long, for sure, but it makes a great first impression, which is easier then it making a ‘meh’ impression. It has some dramatic flair in it and builds to a satisfying climax. I wouldn’t compare it to Get Lucky in any way shape or form, other then to say both infuse elements of organic disco ( or whatnot). I myself don’t blindly fawn over ‘hot’ bands that some people can do no wrong. If I like it, I like it. It’s a very good song and just a taste of what’s to come. Join the party man :) It’s a new groove for them but one worth celebrating.

      • But it does make a “meh” impression, for me anyway! I guess it’s just not a sound I enjoy. More melody, less party please!

        • There’s no accounting for taste :) Your opinion isn’t wrong letsplaytwister and mine isn’t necessarily right. I guess I’ve learned that with music. Are you a fan of their previous records?

    • Right?

      IIRC there was a very mixed consensus when Daft Punk went disco earlier this year. A lot of commenters were upset because it wasn’t the Daft Punk they wanted.

      Now Arcade Fire goes disco and everyone is totally cool with it. I know James Murphy’s name popped in my head five seconds in, the sound is undeniable.

      For the record, I love both. This new AF album will likely be one of my favorites of the year along with DP.

      I guess it’s all different commenters back in May that were hating on the change? I should do some archive research…

      • Hi Raptor Jesus. I was never into Daft Punk UNTIL their most recent album. Random Access Memories is so great and in fact the only tracks off it I don’t like are the Pharrell tracks or panda bear stuff. I just loved the retro-esque vibe. Certainly if Reflector is a dance punk album I’m not going to be too excited, at least at the thought. But I really liked how Arcade Fire managed to make this track dancy-ish and fresh/current as well as retro and then have eerie vibes to it. Its still got their signature stamp on it. I don’t always love everything they do, but Arcade Fire’s albums have never dissapointed me. Each record they make is completely brilliant.

    • Was wondering where that downvote came from.

    • Honestly this doesn’t feel anything like Get Lucky to me. Completely different vibes.
      This feels like evolved disco, not just a type of disco that harks back to the past and isn’t going anywhere new. Having said that, I still like Get Lucky.

  27. Don’t downvote guys, these are Régine’s lyrics translated.

    • the spam I replied to has been deleted and now I look like a twat, ah well. The middle section with David Bowie is awesome. This will be a sweet jam to bump in the whip! DEHH!

  28. “We fell in love,
    Alone on the stage,
    In a dull reflective age”

    I’d object to people saying AF have gone ‘disco’. This is clearly a dig at the disco necromancy that has proved popular recently. Hell, look at the art for the vinyl. Tongue is firmly in cheek.

    I’m slightly worried the new album may well be full of Win reminding us of how the good old days have passed and how everything is soulless and shallow these days.

    However, the track’s unexpected and absolutely awesome. I expected this album to be something of a dud, but my money’s now on me being wrong.

  29. arcade fire has been disco since day one. rebellion? ? ?

  30. They should change their name to Arkade Fire to reflect their newfound disdain for the letter c.

  31. Everyone seems to be so excited about the music, that they’ve missed something significant about the artwork: There are only six people on the cover. Sarah Neufeld is missing.

    And it looks like the name is “The Reflektors” – plural.

  32. Could’ve sworn I heard David Byrne in there…

  33. Personally i’m unconvinced. I’m all for going 80′s, it’s just not my favorite kind of 80′s. I’d prefer it more Depeche modey or New orderey. We’ll see for the record.

  34. Well that was fantastic.

  35. Goddamn, this is typical Arcade Fire weirdness, and it’s great!

  36. The song + Lyrics are posted here!

  37. A reflection of a reflection of a reflection

    reminds me of

    A copy of a copy of a copy

  38. Music is waaaaaay better than artwork

  39. I think this is absolutely brilliant. Love the piano, love the beat, love the groove….I’d actually be happy if this was on DWTS. Please ignore that. Arcade Fire. What a band.

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