A lawsuit has been filed against Kanye West by photographer Daniel Ramos. According to TMZ, Kanye has been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for attacking Ramos on July 19th in LAX Airport. After the attack, Ramos was in the hospital for a hip injury. Ramos says Kanye punched him, wrestled him to the ground, and tried to grab his camera. TMZ reports that if Kanye is convicted, he could face one year in jail. His arraignment is October 10.

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  1. Yup, for everyone who wants to be famous, the flip side is you have photographers getting in your face all the time and asking you really inane questions. As Bill Murray once said, “If you are seeking fame and fortune, take the fortune and forget the fame”.

    • Not quite sure I get what you’re saying there big daddy

    • Uh, no? Why should we accept this kind of aggressiveness as the norm? What about charging the paparazzi with stalking? Harassment? I am not interested in seeing pictures of Kanye at LAX, I’m interested in hearing his music. We need to end this paparazzi trend of making money off of the famous by any means possible because these charges are a joke. Kanye should be able to defend himself and his privacy.

      • Privacy? In an airport? O.o

        And since when is being talked to or photographed (in public) considered offensive behavior? Behavior worth assaulting someone for? For instance, you responded to a comment on the internet…you’ve engaged someone in conversation. Does that give the original poster the right to assault you? Well, if you’re Kanye West (or *insert celebrity here*), you’re saying it does.

        Fortunately, that’s not how the law works. Unfortunately, money talks and Kanye won’t serve a day.

  2. Let’s not act like Kanye hasn’t repeatedly warned paparazzi that he likes to do this. Good luck charging a multimillionaire with grand theft, clearly all he wanted to do was smash the camera on the ground. As for the hospital inducing hip injury, how old is this guy? 50? Young adults shouldn’t get hip injuries. FRAIL BODY.

    After all this is over, he’ll finally have some street cred and can rap about prison.

    I know he’s not in prison yet but

    • Also… its not battery if the photojournalist provoked the violence with photos, that would be assault. If the guy was minding his own business when Ye punched him he’d have a good case for battery. Defensive attorneys are gonna have a field day with this one.

  3. While I think there really isn’t any excuse for violence like this, I have a REALLY hard time sympathizing with paparazzi.

  4. typical rappers

  5. Fuck the paparazzi doe.

  6. Hoping for Kanye’s counter suit for harassment and instigating a fight (which is totally a crime).

  7. fffs kanyes job is to sing and get noticed for it to boost his profile making him more money .. the paparazzi job to capter news and take pictures .. one cannot exist without the other ..being famous and not liking someone or something don’t give you the right to attack them .. and then wonder why when you hurt someone they try to sue you .. he should know better really

  8. clearly, you are a student of the law.

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