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Today, Frog Eyes’ Carey Mercer posted the details of a new album on Bandcamp, but the information is written straight-forwardly, I was caught off-guard by just how upsetting it is. He begins by simply saying it is not a concept album, though it is inspired by some of the things that have happened to him over the last three years — including being diagnosed with throat cancer and dealing with the death of his father. He will release the album through Bandcamp, he writes, in order to keep himself out of any label obligations, and is optimistic about getting better. Go to here to read the full details and listen to “Claxxon’s Lament,” the song that Mercer sang for his father on his death bed, below.

Carey’s Cold Spring is out 10/7.

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  1. Seriously, everything about this is heartbreaking.

    It’s also uncharacteristically personal for a man that hides his feelings behind incredibly cryptic lyrics and buries them deep in some very challenging to walk through music.

    I look forward to his new album, and I hope it all is as emotionally open as this track.

    • with frog eyes, i’ve always found the emotions to be pretty close to the surface, but i agree the meanings behind the lyrics are often obscured. but in the live shows especially he channels something from deep within his soul. what a gifted and captivating performer… i sincerely hope he can return to the stage.

  2. Michael Douglas got throat cancer from eating too much pussy. Being that he’s a musician, there’s a strong chance he’s suffering from the same fate. Be careful, guys…

    • you sir, are going to every religions’ hell

      • This is not even a joke, though! Michael Douglas seriously came out in in an interview and said, “The cancer was caused by cunnilingus.” I’m not trying to be crass or disrespectful. The disease can also be caused by smoking or maybe it just happened, but the Michael Douglas story that came out in the past few months put a huge emphasis that throat cancer is often caused by a sexually transmitted disease. There’s nothing funny about that, guy.

        • Frog eyes have been one of my favourite bands since I can remember, and claxxon’s laments is one of my favourite songs by any artist, ever.
          This new version is so beautiful that it would have moved me to tears BEFORE hearing that Carey sang it to his father on his death bed. So powerful and so moving.
          Thoughts are with Carey and his family, and wish him a speedy recovery.

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