Ben Stiller & Bono In Arcade Fire's Here Comes The Night Time

Last night, Arcade Fire were on Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey-hosted season premiere, where they played “Reflektor” and “Afterlife” and appeared in a sketch. Following the show, NBC aired a 30 minute long Arcade Fire concert special, Here Comes the Night Time, directed by Roman Coppola. It featured the debut performances of Reflektor songs “Here Comes The Night Time,” “We Exist,” and “Normal Person.” James Franco, Rainn Wilson, Bono, Ben Stiller, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, Zach Galifianakis, Eric Wareheim, Jason Schwartzman, and Aziz Ansari made cameos. Watch it below.

Reflektor is out 10/29 via Merge.

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  1. That breakout in ‘Here Comes the Night Time’ is pure fucking ecstasy.

  2. we exist is dope! oct 29 can’t come soon enough

  3. Someone has been listening to Roxy Music…

  4. Ecstatic. Made me want to be young again.

  5. It’s a shame that Arcade Fire weren’t able to save this special and their music spot for Halloween weekend, but for marketing purposes it makes since to kick start interest in the album at the beginning of October and with SNL’s premier. Regardless, last night was legendary!

    Quick (Cool) Story (Bro): Of the many bands that I adore, Arcade Fire definitely have the funniest reputation with my parents. Their only exposure to the group’s music and aesthetics have been from the Grammys (it will be hard to ever forget the strobed-out bike camera mayhem of “Month of May”, the surprise winning of album of the year, and the subsequent victory lap with “Ready to Start”), last night’s SNL performances, and the following special above. So, I have first hand experience of seeing/hearing the “Who the F*** is Arcade Fire” reaction and the band winning that audience over (my parents were my age during the disco era so they loved the music and costumes during “Reflektor” and “Afterlife.”) However, Arcade Fire unknowingly set the bridge, they just created with my parents, ablaze with the extended programming, and my parents reverted back to their original state of “Who, Why, and Will the F*** is Arcade Fire?!?” It’s too bad that they didn’t either indulge in cocaine during the pinnacle of disco (I could be making an ass of me because u might already know and I might be in denial) or marijuana with Tim and Eric three years ago…like my friends in college. Otherwise, they totally would have understood last night. *sigh* Parents just don’t understand.

  6. Whoever directed this special needs to win an award because it was the most inventive, joyous, and wacky musical event I’ve seen on TV. Also, these songs are making me think that we could have an absolute monster of an album on the way. Awesome to see some funky/sexy stuff alongside bangers (even in the same song).

  7. Fuck me…How did I miss this last night?

  8. I’m really hoping the studio version of “Here Comes the Night” is structurally no different from the live version. It’s easily one of the best songs I’ve heard all year, and definitely skyrocketed my anticipation for the album

  9. awesome

  10. This was a totally incoherent mess and I loved it. Michael Cera en espanol!!!

  11. I would love to see NBC do this once a month with other quality live bands. I don’t know if it was just Tina being back, but even SNL was enjoyable throughout.

  12. The whole get up they’ve got going on reminds me a lot of Sufjan’s Age of Adz tour. All of this going to be amazing.

  13. If this is any indication of what to expect from the record, then YAY!

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  15. Just re-watched this with some friends on some…and…I think this amazing piece of work is pretty important. Like…has anything like this happened on network TV in such a weird and brilliant way?? I don’t think so. Arcade Fire seem like they are ready to be a dominant force in music/culture, and I am digging it because the music still come first at the end of it all. And doggone, these tunes are going to be huge in the studio versions. Amiright?

  16. The fact that this was broadcast on NBC is still blowing my mind. Albeit, very late at night.

  17. Can we all please read “Drake-ing Bad” and agree to stop reading this bullshit of a music site?

  18. That was amazing.

    All I need now is for “Big Bud, L’il Bud” to be an actual show.

  19. Normal Person is excellent

  20. The lounge version of “Wake Up” was amazing.

  21. Dream Team, Arcade Fire with Bill Hader, Zach Galifianakis. What a laugh riot!

  22. It’s simple. Just text her or phone her and ask her out as a friend. Why cant you do that? She treats her friends equally because she has her family.

    • I really wish it was that simple.

      If I ask her out as a friend then that’s all I’ll ever be, a friend. What I want is more. I want to be this girl’s savior! To be that scaly hand that reaches from the skies and grabs hold of her and pulls her above this festering wound of a planet. Hold her on high and show her how much better life can be with raptor jesus in her heart.

      I lost a queen once…

  23. She just dont wanna be bitch, she doesnt like dishonesty.

  24. This song is better than ever AF song, except maybe Wakeup:

    Should indie bands be able to sing like this?

  25. Was anyone surprised to find that the James Franco bit was the best part of this video? How are James Franco and Arcade Fire similar?

  26. James Franco is to Ben Stiller as Arcade Fire is to Mumford and Sons?

  27. Dearest isuckhard,

    Finally, someone around here understand me! Two questions: 1. Where have you been my whole life (Seriously, when my mother got cancer and I decided to move back in to help out and see her depart and we decided to spend two of her precious hours watching SNL/Here Comes the Night Time…where were you, God (I haven’t told you this yet, obviously because we haven’t spoke in a while, but you killed it on Yeezus)?)? 2. Why are you so hard on yourself (You only posted less than thirty times about your unconditional love for Arcade Fire, however, I’ve always felt that as long as you aren’t hurting anybody but yourself, you should do more of the things that cause you the most joy.)?

    I don’t speak for everyone, but if I did, I would say, “We accept you for who you are.” A great man once said, “Half a truth is often a great lie.” He was probably lying but I’m not lying when I say that you bring a much needed viewpoint to this website, you should posts here more often, and my mother has cancer. I’ll be real gone until next year but please, stay for a while.

    Nicotine, Valium, Vicodin, Marijuana, Ecstasy, and Alcohol,


  28. Hey man, woman, or demon, I hope that you (and only you) get a kick out of my above letter. Until we speak again, va te faire foutre!

  29. The writing didn’t matter. The sole point of the whole thing was to show the world that stars LOVE the arcade fire.

  30. Cool story bro, tell it again!

  31. I agree. But don’t you think it would’ve been cooler if they had done something like that in a really funny way that totally overhyped things to the point of being funny? I mean, you have Bono fly to montreal to watch yourshow–wouldn’t it have been better to have him do a skit of some kind (or even sing the songs themselves?)? Couldn’t they have had Bono rave about Arcade Fire and cite nonexistent albums (*or even the albums of other bands like AnCo) that would have betrayed his trying to be plugged in to our youth culture? Why did Bono look so old and round? Does Arcade Fire say things to us that we find meaningful and interesting and special (anymore?)? Should they speak their songs or sing them? Which is more moving? Are we becoming more and more religious as a culture thanks to Arcade Fire’s amazing music? Is this good or bad?

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