The Dead Weather’s “Open Up (That’s Enough)” b/w “Rough Detective” is an upcoming 7″ that will be released through the platinum edition of Third Man’s Vault Subscription. The label writes:

The 7″ this go-round is incredibly special. Two BRAND NEW studio recordings from the Dead Weather. “Open Up (That’s Enough)” and “Rough Detective” are unlike anything else the band has ever done and are both ample reminders of the ferocity of this motley collection of low-lifes, grifters and ne’er-do-wells. These songs are not throw-aways. These songs are not demos. These songs are not outtakes. This 7″ will ONLY be available via Vault subscription. No other 7″ of these songs will be made. The whole thing is pressed on striking yellow jacket vinyl and coupled with a custom glue-pocket picture sleeve, a slight shift from the Vault’s usual die-cut company sleeves.

Is there more to come from this? Yes there is. The Dead Weather’s plan is to record and release two-song sets until 2015 at which time they will release a full album that contains these singles plus many more album-only tracks. It’s a unique long-term plan for new music from this incendiary group. The songs WILL be released digitally, but not until Vault packages have been dispatched to subscribers. The goal is that physical copies are out there first.

Listen to a snippet of the A-side below.

Along with the 7″, subscribers receive a concert album and DVD from the Raconteurs, Live At The Ryman Auditorium.

You can purchase the package at

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  1. so excited yeesh. YAY

  2. Meanwhile, at Third Man Records, the Dead Weather convened to record their latest masterpiece, but would they be able to recapture the magic of their Seventies-era awesomeness?

    Jack: “Ok, like, everybody play the same thing here. Yeah, that’ll be cool.”

    Anonymous band member #1 on organ: “Why do I have to wear these stupid clothes? What good is being in a cult that disbands after a single album cycle?”

    Jack: “If you want to ride my coat tails, you have to wear my coat, loser–ON MY SCHEDULE!”

    Anonymous band member #2, on bass: “This song is gonna be sweet. But let me run to the other room and get my automatic crossbow.”

  3. Why can’t the Dead Weather do something more in the vein of Vampire Weekend?

  4. Soooo, is it supposed to be “cool” now to not like Jack White and his various projects? Well, I guess I’m just not hip enough to jump on the hate the Dead Weather train. I dig them quite a bit and I’m looking forward to the new music. Kind of figured either Dead Weather or the Raconteurs must be doing something on the down low. Hope the Dead Weather tour as well, because they put on a great live show (as do The Raconteurs, and Jack White’s solo bands… hey, notice a theme here?).

    • As to the live thing I agree. I celebrate all the Jools Holland appearances of Jack White. But did you ever listen to the studio versions? Why are they so boring? Is it because vampires have to drink blood to feel energetic and Jack White is trying to get by on rabbits and rats? Could it be rabies-related?

  5. The Dead Weather + new material = YES PLEASE!!!!!!!

    ….ugh, 2015 is soooooo far away :-7

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