Boards Of Canada

Boards Of Canada finally came out of hiding this year with Tomorrow’s Harvest and now they seem to be enjoying the spotlight. Nike has a lengthy new spot soundtracked by the album’s lead track “Reach For The Dead.” BoC may be mysterious but they’ve always been very open to licensing their music: We’ve previously heard “Gyroscope” on the soundtrack to black metal doc Until The Light Takes Us and music from The Campfire Headphase in bump music on Adult Swim. Watch the Nike SB Project BA ad below.

(via Reddit)

Tomorrow’s Harvest is out now via Warp.

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  1. I’m sad, because everything in this video is designed to make people exclaim, “OH! This is so weird and random! How crazy!” And that means that this is the reason they picked the music as well. I’m glad the Boards can cash a paycheck. But I kind of wish it was because people were respecting their music more, rather than just seeing it as the perfect soundtrack for their token “SO WEEEIRD” shoe commercial targeting young alts.

  2. it’s BA – so it’s cool cause he’s the best.

    • AND he’s apparently jacked as shit? Dude’s part in Yeah Right introduced me to Interpol. Check out if his Epicly Later’d if you haven’t….you’re right he is the best.

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