Miley Cyrus and Sky Ferreira

Miley Cyrus announced via Twitter that she would be bringing two special guests on her Bangerz tour, and now the proverbial beans have been spilled. First up is Icona Pop, who just confirmed that they will be touring with her. Cyrus then tweeted that she would be going on tour with Sky Ferreira, who retweeted the news, which you can see below. Ferreira’s long awaited debut came out recently and was our Album Of The Week. You can check out the dates here and watch Cyrus’ recent cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” for BBC Radio 1′s Live Lounge below.

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    • or always

    • opinions will not be tolerated here, apparently

      • calling people garbage is a shitty thing to do. You just said something mean spirited without also saying anything interesting or constructive so people clicked a thumbs down icon a few times. “Tolerated” is way too strong of a word. It implies people had an actual reaction beyond clicking an icon of a thumb pointed down.

      • opinions that disagree with a posted opinion will be viewed as intolerance, apparently

        • fuck you guys that shit was brilliant.

          • I got it! Let me use my literary analysis/Rap Genius skills to break it down:

            The “posted opinion” refers to Alex Lees’ first comment, that Sky Ferreira is “garbage.” The “opinions that disagree” refer to the downvotes that Lees later called “intolerance.” In other words, the downvotes are actually just opinions that clash with Lees’ own opinion. Thus Lees, by his own definition of “intolerance,” is no less intolerant for chiding the downvoters. The “apparently” functions as a sly jab at Lees’ phrasing of his third comment, which ends the same way.

            I admit I had to think about it a bit, but your comment still had more clarity than some of the stuff I write.

    • I agree with you Alex. Sky is nothing more than trash. Her music is garbage.

  2. Stereogum: Twitter feeds and page views, that’s what we do!

  3. Sky=pretty talented, but I base that on one song.
    Icona pop=catchy, fun.
    Miley Cyrus=………………………………………

  4. Miley does LDR better than LDR does LDR.

  5. Miley and Sky? That spells trouble right there.

  6. Pretty psyched to see what Miley does after being introduced to heroin.

  7. Reading the disappointed reactions from Sky’s fans who’d rather not see her tour with Miley is a good time to remind everyone that Sky grew up as a family friend of Michael Jackson, meaning that she’s always been a part of and had the resources to larger stages where the Hollywood elite reside. Her pairing with Smith Westerns seems more unusual than this.

    • It’s quite possible that the reactions are based on those people’s personal preferences rather than ignorance to Sky Ferreira’s connections in the industry. I personally find Sky Ferreira’s work to be of much higher quality than Miley’s and would rather not pay an exorbitant ticket price that mostly goes to Miley just to see Sky perform.

      • That’s totally understandable, too. What I think is potentially upsetting is that the tour dates align themselves throughout the beginning of festival season, and while it’s not confirmed if Sky-ley will be embarking together throughout the entirety of the tour or just a leg of it, it could mean that both she and Icona Pop won’t be playing a festival as big as Coachella, which they both seemed like givens up until this news.

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