Billy Corgan has a message for his hometown in full-page newspaper ads in today’s Tribune and Sun-Times.

Today is a special day in my life as it marks the release of my very first solo album TheFutureEmbrace. For over 17 years I have been proud to represent Chicago as an artist through my words and music, and am continually humbled by the undying love that I have been shown from this city as one of its native sons.

When I played the final Smashing Pumpkins show on the night of December 2, 2000, I walked off the Metro stage believing that I was forever leaving a piece of my life behind. I naively tried to start a new band, but found that my heart wasn’t in it. I moved away to pursue a love that I once had but got lost. So I moved back home to heal what was broken in me, and to my surprise I found what I was looking for. I found that my heart is in Chicago, and that my heart is in The Smashing Pumpkins.

For a year now I have walked around with a secret, a secret I chose to keep. But now I want you to be among the first to know that I have made plans to renew and revive The Smashing Pumpkins. I want my band back, and my songs, and my dreams. In this desire I feel I have come home again.

Previously: Billy Corgan hates Zwan and won’t reform Pumpkins.

Get all misty-eyed with Billy, solstice-stizz, at the Adler Planetarium tonight. Admission is free with a purchased copy of his new album.

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  1. So does anyone else know this secret? Did James Iha read it at the same time (or after??) I did? You know, it would have been even more effective publicity if he posted this message in the liner notes of the new album.

  2. me  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    wow. i have no words. i can only imagine what james and d’arcy are thinking right now (especially d’arcy). it’s probably feeling especially hot out there in the good ol’ midwest…

    i’m all for them getting back together, but only if they revisit the spirit of albums like ‘gish’ and ‘siamese dream.’ most everything after that just sucked. hard.

    ps: 1st post, bitches! (how sad am i?)

  3. me  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    damn it!
    2nd post. bitches…

  4. matt  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    has anyone seen the porn video where corgan hate fucks d’arcy? better than ‘siamese dream’

  5. Yale Bloor  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    Here it is, save your dinero for some good music!

    Billy Corgan – The Future Embrace
    pass : sth1453

  6. Irish Mike  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    For eveyone out there, like me, who feels like they’ve waited their whole life for a Pumpkins reunion, today is a monumnental step towards heaven and earth being united as one. I’m going to go hang myself now; I can die happy; The Smashing Pumpkins are back.

  7. But isn’t all of this wishful thinking? What’s the chance that a revived set will be as good as the old? Can’t think of many groups who’ve reunited and created BETTER music. But then again, it’s only been a few years and Chicago needs some action so…

  8. seiche  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    I remember seeing them in Chicago on New Year’s Eve opening for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, you could have powered a small city with the electricity inside The Metro that night.

    I am hoping that they do get back together and recreate that buzz, because that was one of the best fucking shows I have ever seen.

  9. whocares  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    gawd…Billy is such a blowhard….who cares about the smashing pumpkins?

  10. wow, admission free with purchase of the album. they better be selling them at the door then huh?

  11. tricktooth  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    Billy Corgan makes me want to flee Chicago ASAP.

  12. pageblank  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    The only ever time I saw the Pumpkins in concert, I was amazed at how terrible Corgan’s voice is. And don’t you guys remember all the hissy-fits on stage? Sure, we all have fond memories of Siamese Dream, but aren’t we trying to forget Machina, Zwan, etc, etc.?

  13. Nick  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    pageblank is right. ive seen the pumpkins live 3 times and zwan twice, but the energy they put out at the shows was something that you dont see anymore. Have you ever heard Machina II? That album is great. Shame it never got a proper release from virgin.

  14. old pumpkins = classic
    last pumkins = crapfests
    zwan = totally underrated
    corgan solo = crapfest

    ruinted pumpkins = possibility of greatness & possibility of the saddest most horrid thing ever

    thats why i love billy corgan

  15. The Machina-era Smashing Pumpkins concert I went to remains to this day as the only concert I’ve ever walked out on.

  16. sam  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    CORGAN: “…James and D’Arcy are good people. They might be misguided people, but they’re good people…”

    self-indulgant prick

  17. Brendan  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    Siamese Dream is one of my top five albums of all time. Gish, as a predecessor, is amazing, but it’s clear that SD was where all Corgan’s ideas (even those expressed on Gish) came to their fullest fruition.

    Sadly, I don’t think a Pumpkins reunion will be much more than what you’d get out of going to see Michael Moore film: preaching to the already converted and giving them exactly what they want. Billy Corgan is completely irrelevant to today’s music scene/culture. If they do reunite, it won’t be for anything other than old fans going to see them play songs they either haven’t heard in years or have been kicking themselves for never having gotten to see live. But it won’t be anything new and if they do create anything new, it (sadly) won’t be at all pertinent.

    Also, after that “misguided people” quip, how badly do you think Iha and D’Arcy want this reunion? Just saying: can’t reunite without half your band lol

  18. Lex  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    Who gives a fuck? These comments are giving this way more attention than it deserves. They don’t report on our President passing laws that devastate the environment but here we are fucking chit-chatting about Billy Corgan’s latest ego trip. Really shows where our hearts are as a nation.

    P.S. Fuck all of you

  19. zeppelin  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    SD is one of my favorite albums (especially, the softer second half of the album). MCIS is also a pretty solid album. Machina is one of the worst albums I have ever bought. I listened to it once and threw it away. It was just a lot of noise and screaming. It had no melody.

    I couldn’t get into Zwan and I listened to this new one on myspace a few days ago. It didn’t really leave much of an impression on me.

    I tend to think the Pumpkins best days are behind them and they are of historical importance, but probably won’t make any more great music. It had its time and place, but I don’t see them making a mark in the current scene.

  20. Seen Iha lately walking down Hudson Street with his girly. Seems happy here. Not sure if he’s ready to hit mediocre Chi-town for Billy’s egofest.

  21. Brendan  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0






  22. Did you steal your Tom Cruise reference from my Chicagoist post, or are we all drinking in the same mental ether on this one?

  23. Larry Hagmans Liver  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    Dear Lex

    go find an enviromental board to post on, this is a music site.

    p.s. I would say go fuck yourself, but you’ve probably already done it.

    p.s. pumpkins lick ball sweat

  24. Lex, this isn’t Daily Kos you dumb ass.

  25. And Chicago replies: “Whatever, dude. Seriously, just give it a rest. You need constant attention, WE GET IT. Okay? Now PUT A FREAKING LID ON IT ALREADY. We’re trying to listen to the Ponys over here.”

    I’m buying a Sun Times on the way home tonight just so I can fire to in the alley later. Sweet CHRIST.

  26. what amazes me is that no one is mentioning billy’s confessional. awesomely cringeworthy.

  27. PS Only tools use the term “Chi-town.”

  28. r*obox  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    DIRT- Jesus, dude, that kind of ‘tude is why people can’t stand new yorkers. i’ve been to “mediocre chi-town” and, guess what? they have electricity and running water there, too!

    p.s. d’arcy is still a robot, right?

  29. Fake Janine  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    I don’t care what anyone says this is great news! Yeah Machina sucked, but Adore is awesome. Word!

  30. Doug Datish  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    I think D’Arcy would love to take a break from her crack addiction to make a few million and James too- who wants to play in freakin a Perfect Circle!? Do you really think those two people are going to let Corgan saying they are misguided stop them from touring sold out arenas? Everyone will be back and they will take it to the bank

  31. HM  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    Did anyone else hear Toure guest hosting for Leonard Lopate today talking about how he loves him some Stereogum?

  32. Shirley  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    No one can give Corgan slack without giving Frank Black the same. I mean really isn’t this a little familiar to the Pixies reunion? Frank says it’ll never happen and then breaks down and reunites with estranged bandmates. Goes on tour and gets all over MTV (and now they are opening for Weezer. Opening! Disgusting). I think everyone should be more upset with him/them.

  33. Yale Bloor  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    Lex is hopping Al Franken gets a job being a roadie on the new pumpkin tour… deep breaths baby! ooommmm ooommmmm oooommmm

  34. janine  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    Shirley makes a good point. If the Smashing Pumpkins come back and play AS A BAND and at least give us the impression of enjoying each other (like the Pixies), then there’ll be no reason to hate. If they implode immediately and deliver sub-par albums and performances marked by pissy little fights…

  35. jen  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    yeeeeeeeeeeah… is no one here realizing that this is just corgan saying he’s open to the idea of the pumpkins reuniting and is no guarantee of iha and d’arcy signing on to this? which, if they have any brains at all, why the fuck would they??

  36. I’m praying for a full reunion. And I’m praying for Billy to sit down and listen tot he drek that he’s been putting out for the past six years and drop Flood and hire Butch Vig again. Someone needs to clue Billy into the fact that just because you’re all happy now doesn’t mean that you can’t get pissed off now and again. Let me feel that rage! Scream in my face! I want it to slap me, not touch me. Bring the Army Of Rock that I know you’ve got camping out in your backyard. They’ve been on reserve too long. It’s time for battle.

  37. Sorry, but Pumpkins albums = good. Live performances = suck.

    I’ve walked out on them twice. Don’t think I’ll be trying for a third.

  38. C’mon people. Pumpkins reunion probably just means Billy + Jimmy — no James or Darcy.

    They slap the Pumpkins name on there — which they could just as easily have done with the Zwan record — and you’ve got some sales.


  39. Who gives a fuck? That bald jackass realized that everyone hated Zwan and his solo stuff, so he revived a band with that same nasally, shit voice just to run it like a Nazi as he did before? Whoooooooooooopty shit. Hey Billy boy, I’m from Chicago and I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop taking up space in the paper unless it’s in the classifieds where you’re selling all your musical equipment so we know for sure you won’t come back.

  40. ChrisG  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    If I didn’t know that Adore was a Smashing Pumpkins album before I saw the cover I would’ve sworn it was a Cure album.

    That’s a good thing, I guess.

  41. paul  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    that guy has a big head. Really, look at it. He must be taking some sort of cranial growth injections.

  42. *haha*

    The only comeback of Chicagoans is to comment on the AWESOME term “Chi-town”. Face it, your city is crap and Billy thinks he can survive there because the music “scene” barely exists (in other words no competition). It’s simply a bathroom brake when travelling across the middle of the country.

    In all seriousness, I remember having SD on cassette. Anyone else?

  43. Irish Mike  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    I love it when utter dipshits, such as LEX, blog about how much pointless our blogging is. It makes my day. Its like volunteering to be put in prison so that you can tell people how stupid they are to be in prison. No?

  44. majormike  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    great, just great.

  45. Just an observation about this Dirt character…

    New York: more than half of the people living there are not from NY.

    Dirt im guessing your from Iowa, possibly Oklahoma or maybe Long Island.

    and your a deuche bag…

    If we are going to discuss originality the overdone New York ” strokes look” was cool for the strokes, bottom line.

    But… the 1,650,832 other bands coming out of New York suffereing from the “The” syndrome in front of their band name are crap.

    Dirt you are probaly as uneducated as you sound, but I am sure you spend most of your day watching Sally Jesse Raphael, on your mom’s couch eating Nachoes.

    Also Billy Corgan is a creep, he needs to put some clothes on.

  46. robb  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    I mean I love the pumpkins and all, but did he really need to take out a full page in the paper to announce the reunion?? Why not just ask for peoples nostalgia buck on MTV or something? I’d expect that from David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar, but I always thought Corgan had a little more class than that.

  47. Nocturne  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    “C’mon people. Pumpkins reunion probably just means Billy + Jimmy — no James or Darcy.

    They slap the Pumpkins name on there — which they could just as easily have done with the Zwan record — and you’ve got some sales.


    So true indeed. But I’m guessing that most sales will more than likely go “ker-plunk”. Billy really needs to shove it in a cheap beer bottle and go away.

  48. david brent  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0


    Go back to picketing a butcher shop or discussing the advantages of polar fleece and birkenstocks.

  49. david  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    hmmmm, Corgan saying he wants to reunite the Pumpkins on the day his solo album is released. Tells this both to the trib and sun-times. Think more people check out his new album? Sounds like a sales pitch.

    I’m from Chicago and loved the Pumpkins….saw them at the Metro a few times. Wouldn’t mind them getting back together to see them play their old stuff again. Kinda like going to a museum you know? God forbid they try to write new material though. Sorry Billy, Chicago is over you. I agree with Tequila, I will resume listening to my Ponys cd now….thanks

  50. loveanddeath  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2005 0

    what? no.

    just no, damnit.

    I believe i’ve made my thoughts on corgan known…yet…he is still making blogosphere news.

    he needs to be sucked into a black hole.

    and lollerfuckingskates to the environmentalist posting on a music blog. ha.

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