R. Kelly - Black Panties

2013 was the year R. Kelly broke through to the music-festival circuit and celebrated the 20th anniversary of his landmark debut 12 Play, so it only makes sense that it’s also the year he’ll release his nastiest album in years. Next week, Kelly will give us Black Panties, his beautifully crafted, deeply horny new LP. You probably already know if an R. Kelly song called “Marry The Pussy” is a thing you’re interested in hearing, so just be advised that almost the entire album is like that. (“Cookie,” for instance, is not about baked goods.) Stream the album below.

(via Vibe)

Black Panties is out 12/10 on RCA.

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  1. Don’t we all just want 2 marry the pussy?

    Pussy, if u r out there will you marry me? will u marry me, pussy?

  2. As a big R. Kelly fan (I’m not being sarcastic), this is really disappointing. Other than some funny lines and songs (I Think Marry the Pussy is hilarious…just saying), a lot of it just cashes in on newer trends and it’s just mindless dirty talk, with some cash-in rap verses. I really loved Love Letter and enjoyed Write Me Back, and I was kind of excited for the return to his older style…but I wanted something more like “12 Play” or “Chocolate Factory”. This is just TP-2 . com taken to nasty extremes.


  3. I truly love me some Kells….this man cannot do no wrong in music to me (well, not terribly wrong), this album is good to me. My faves is all the way with kelly rowland, i was shocked to hear her sing in the tone she did, i didn’t know she can hit notes like that! i like crazy sex, legs shaking, you deserve better….the songs towards the end kind of had me scrunching my face, but i listened to the album more than once and it ft grew on me, i have to admit that i liked the album as a whole the very first time just listening through it, now that i have listened to it again (it helps) i am able to digest what i like and didnt like about it…his language i definitely could have lived without, but i have heard worse from other artist….Great job Kells!

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