The Pizza Underground

Considering the true breadth of Lou Reed’s legacy, the guy would actually probably be genuinely honored to know that he’s spawned a pizza-themed band featuring Macaulay Culkin. The Pizza Underground just released their 9-song demo via Bandcamp, and it is exactly what its title implies: a no-concept set of lo-fi covers of Velvet Underground tracks, swapping the original lyrics for lyrics about pizza, recorded live at Culkin’s house last month, with song titles like “I’m Waiting For Delivery Man.” You can hear the whole thing below

The Pizza Underground Demo tracklist:
1 “Papa John Says”
2 “I’m Beginning to Eat the Slice”
3 “Pizza”
4 “I’m Waiting For Delivery Man”
5 “Cheese Days”
6 “Pizza Day”
7 “All the Pizza Parties”
8 “Pizza Gal”
9 “Take a Bite Of The Wild Slice”

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  1. Da fuq did I just read?

    So next songs will be Andy’s Cheese and Busload of Wings?

    Still better than Lulu.

  2. This is actually not the worst thing i have ever heard, AND – it made me mad hungry for some Pappa John’s. I think “Cheese Days” is my song of the week. Not only for the pizza or Velvets Snobs out there.

  3. Please give this MOTW

  4. I love it.

  5. Say a word for Papa John
    he ain’t got nothing at all.
    Not the apron off his back.
    He ain’t got nothin at all.

    Say a word for Pizza Hut
    Makes their pizzas nice and round
    Put on sauce, the cheese, then the meat
    They ate the pizza right out on the street
    And this is what he said.

    Oh, sweet peppers… that’s the best topping of all!

  6. This is what happens when you leave him Home Alone

  7. too bad Buzz ate all the cheese

  8. excited for:
    White Sauce/White Pie
    Sweet Pane

  9. I always knew there was deeper symbolism in those movies. Perhaps, Jughead said it best:

  10. Not only was this thing surprisingly awesome, but it reminded me how great “Perfect Day” is. Wow, what a good song.

  11. I wonder how weed was involved in that one. Great stuff.

  12. A whole Lou Reed pizza, just for me!!!

  13. *Lou Reed pizza medley*

  14. Though at first blush this appears to be an insouciant amuse-bouche of spoiled hipster self-congratulatory irony, there is more to it…and less. Despite Culkin’s feigned nod and wink, one can glimpse below the surface and hear the pain of an artist who tasted fame so overwhelming and unbearable that he has spent the rest of his life trying to escape a solipsistic and redundant narcissism that those of us who aren’t former child stars cannot begin to comprehend.

    In truth, I barely read it, and did not listen to it.

    How you like THAT for staged self-aware irony, Mr. Culkin?!?

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