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There’s no more disturbing story maybe in the history of music than that of Ian Watkins, formerly of British scene-metal hacks Lostprophets, who was recently tried on numerous charges of sexually abusing children, child pornography, and animal pornography. (Some of the descriptions of his alleged acts called to mind scenes from the legendarily offensive 2010 shock-horror flick A Serbian Film.) He pleaded guilty to two counts of baby rape on November 26. Today, Watkins was sentenced to 29 years in prison for his crimes, with an extended license of six years, putting him behind bars for a total of 35 years.

According to Wales Online, the sentencing judge told Watkins he had “plumbed new depths of depravity,” and displayed “evident delight” in his sexual abuse of infants, as well as “almost complete lack of remorse” for his actions. “You are a sexual predator,” the judge told Watkins. “You are dangerous. The public and, in particular, young females and children need protection from you … It’s difficult to imagine anything much worse.”

According to The Guardian, the day after pleading guilty, the imprisoned Watkins spoke to a female fan, denying that any such abuse ever occurred, and his guilty plea was an attempt “to win them over with my charm.” Said Watkins:

I’m going to put out a statement [upon being sentenced] just to say it was mega lolz. I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about.

The Guardian also revealed some details of the child and animal pornography images brought into evidence against Watkins, noting that “[of] a total of 90 child abuse images, 24 fell into the most severe category. He also possessed 22 separate bestiality images.”

The two women with whom Watkins conspired to rape babies were sentenced to 17 and 14 years, respectively.

Said South Police And Crime Commissioner Alun Michael: “This case has exposed a level of depravity and abuse that is beyond the comprehension of most people even in an age where we have come to understand the evil nature of child abuse.”

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  1. This truly is one of the most heinous, despicable events in music of the past 20 some odd years. I only hope that the children effected by this inhuman creature are able to live stable, healthy lives from now on.

  2. It was difficult just reading this article. I can’t even imagine what evidence found looked like….ugh

    There’s a special place in Hell for guys like this

  3. It’s all so fucked up, it’s not even worth talking about anymore.

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but all these sentences seem way too short.

    • Completely agree. And the fact that he’s not even the least bit remorseful – claiming it’s all “megalolz” – is just beyond sickening.

    • Short sentences are the hallmark of good writing.

    • It’s probably because you’re accustomed to hearing about sentences made pursuant to American sentencing laws. We like to keep people incarcerated for longer.

      • Not that I give much of a shit, but I’m curious to hear the rationale behind these downvotes. I’m not arguing that a 35 year sentence is appropriate; nor am I trying to get on a political soapbox here. Just stating a fact – the U.S. is uniquely punitive when compared to the rest of the world, in a number of ways that I’m not even going to get into. Give it a Google search if you must. It’s the truth.

        • Ben, I downvoted you because it seemed like you were using this as an opportunity to make a political statement on sentencing. Hell, I agree with you for the most part but this is a case where you’re just going to come off looking like an asshole trying to argue against longer sentences. I am willing to bet that greater than 50% of the people currently locked up in the US are in for longer than they deserve, but this sicko isn’t the guy you want to get behind when stating that case. This guy deserves every day (and more).

          Save that battle for the next time a lead singer gets a marijuana possession charge.

          • Fair enough. But I just want to be clear, I wasn’t trying to express an opinion at all – I was only saying that in the U.S. he’d probably be serving life for this, because sentencing laws are generally more punitive here (and that applies to drugs, sex crimes and murders alike). Thus, Americans expressing surprise at the 35 year sentence. That’s all. I’m not even trying to get into the discussion of *why* our laws are that way.

            For an extreme example on the opposite end of the spectrum, run a search for Pedro Lopez sometime. He was found guilty of murdering 110 children in Ecuador (thought to be closer to 300 in actuality) and was released after serving something like TWENTY DAMN YEARS, the maximum sentence allowed at the time. Whereabouts currently unknown, and Interpol thinks he may have committed more murders after getting out. Unfreakingbelieveable.

    • It doesn’t matter. This guy won’t make it a month once he is off whatever initial protection he might have at the outset. Hell, I’d be surprised if the guards don’t let him get ripped apart on the first day, however terrible that might be in principle.

      Even with a forgiving heart, it is hard to have empathy for someone who abuses babies, sexually or otherwise….

    • Thankfully, every day of those sentences will feel like an eternity.

  5. Everything and every time I read about this case, I’m filled with despair and anger, and each time it gets worse. This story shows that he is beyond psychopathy. I hope that neither his victims nor I ever have to think about him ever again.

  6. I doubt he’ll live to see a full year in prison. We all know he’ll get eaten alive in there.

    The fact that there wasn’t even an admission of, “I know I’m sick and sorry for what I’ve done.” He doesn’t even give a fuck. Therefore no one else will.

    I also can’t imagine how much of a mind-fuck this must be on his family, former bandmates and friends…. well, whichever friends weren’t also complete creeps.

  7. It’s justice, but to be frank, he is worthy to be locked up for a lifetime.

  8. You know, I’m a goddamn bleeding heart liberal these days, but I think a death penalty should be considered in this case. As a matter of fact, the question isn’t whether or not he gets a death penalty. The question is WHEN will he get the death penalty, and can I pull the motherfucking trigger?

  9. Well… It’s all gonna come full circle when he gets sent to prison.

  10. I’m surprised we haven’t heard much of this from major news outlets. This is about as bad as it gets

  11. Baby rape. Animal pornography.

    I hope he drops the soap. Sick fucker.

  12. what he looked at happening to those animals is unforgivable!

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