Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots

While we wait around for a new Blur album, Damon Albarn continues to give us everything but, from a collaboration with the Child Of Lov (RIP) to a stage version of his Monkey opera. Damon did say a solo release and tour would precede a new Blur LP, so the imminent release of what is officially his “first” solo album (following Democrazy and Dr. Dee, both of which were released under the Damon Albarn moniker) is good news. Heck, any and all new Damon music is good news. We got a 21-second trailer for the thing last month, and now, with Damon at Sundance Festival for a performance, he’s given us another. These lovely and lilting 21 seconds come from a track called “Everyday Robots,” which Damon has already debuted in full at live shows.

UPDATE: A Damon Albarn fan Tumblr discovered some since-deleted album info on Warner Music’s site. The 12-track collection titled Everyday Robots is out 4/29. That’s the album cover up top. The title track teased above will serve as the first single, out 3/3 digitally and on 7″. Brian Eno and Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes) appear on the album, which was produced by XL’s Richard Russell.

Check out the tracklist and single artwork below.

Everyday Robots Tracklist:
01. “Everyday Robots”
02. “Hostiles”
03. “Lonely Press Play”
04. “Mr Tembo”
05. “Parakeet”
06. “The Selfish Giant”
07. “You and Me”
08. “Hollow Ponds”
09. “Seven High”
10. “Photographs (You Are Taking Now)”
11. “The History Of A Cheating Heart”
12. “Heavy Seas Of Love”

Everyday Robots Bonus DVD Tracklist:
01. Track x Track Video (Bundle Only)
02. “Everyday Robots” (live from Fox studios Los Angeles)
03. “Hostiles” (live from Fox studios Los Angeles)
04. “Lonely Press Play” (live from Fox studios Los Angeles)
05. “Hollow Ponds” (libe from Fox studios Los Angeles)

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  1. Look. I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer, or Shitty Sammie, but-and this sounds very good. Very good. It’s what I want-it’s what we all want. Nay – NEED. And as long as D-Albs is making music, I’ll be there-bells on. But at the same time, I don’t like a Connie Cocktease either. Are they going to be a singles band, and release gold hits every few years (fools day, under the big-DUB)? Fine-that’s fine. No problem with that. But just set that expectation for me. I can settle for that and I can be happy with that life. But don’t tell me we’re making a baby LP and keep sending me Dr. Dee’s – ya hear? My heart-I CAN’T TAKE IT. Goddamn I wish I COULD QUIT YOU.

    But anyway, this sounds very promising, as usual. One of the most consistent talents of all time. We’re blessed. but also blur, please.

  2. You’re awn it, Donny T.

  3. That is one cool album cover. The song reminds me a lot (in a great way) of a slightly more electronic “Under the Westway”.

  4. The top one is epic, the second artwork however screams “Dad Music”. I’m looking forward hearing this new material.

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