Damon Albarn - "Everyday Robots"

Last week, we got the details on Damon Albarn’s solo debut LP, Everyday Robots, and today, the album’s first single is revealed, along with a video. The title track from Everyday Robots feels like a neat sorta-summation of Damon’s career: I can hear some post-Parklife Blur in here, some of Gorillaz’ gauzier side, a prominent string section that could have been on Dr. Dee or Monkey, some African instrumentation that might have been sourced while recording Mali Music or during any Honest Jon’s discovery expedition. It’s a lilting, creaky, beautiful track very much worthy of its author’s reputation, and very much worth your time. I have high hopes for this one. Check it out.

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  1. Hot damn. Between this and Beck, it appears the vets are making a statement for 2014 as well. Showing the young bucks what’s up.

  2. Love it. Reminds me a lot of “Under the Westway,” that folk, soul, and tasteful electronica sounds like a great combination.

  3. This is great. I’m only familiar with his work as Gorillaz, but this could easily be on a Gorillaz album along with the more more laid back, introspective tracks like “Tomorrow Comes Today” or “Cloud of Unknowing”

  4. This really feels like a brilliant melange of his whole career. Lyrically it has Modern Life themes, musically it feels very late Blur/Gorillaz. I’m officially really excited for this album.

  5. As a fan of all things Damon, I am pretty excited about this album. I am really digging the instrumentation on this one.

  6. Love him. Always makes me smile.

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