Nominees and odds of winning according to bookies at William Hill:

  • Kaiser Chiefs ’Employment’ – 4/1
  • Coldplay ’X&Y’ – 6/1
  • Bloc Party ’Silent Alarm’ – 6/1
  • KT Tunstall ’Eye To The Telescope’ – 6/1
  • The Magic Numbers ’The Magic Numbers’ – 8/1
  • Hard-Fi ’Stars On CCTV’ – 8/1
  • Antony And The Johnsons ’I Am A Bird Now’ – 10/1
  • Maximo Park ’A Certain Trigger’ – 10/1
  • M.I.A. ’Arular’ – 10/1
  • Polar Bear ’Held On The Tips Of Fingers’ – 12/1
  • Seth Lakeman ’Kitty Jay’ – 12/1
  • The Go! Team ’Thunder Lightning Strike’ – 12/1

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    1. mike  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0


      on the shortlist. i thought this was for folks that werent selling that many records. go m.i.a. and bloc party!!

      first post? yeahboyeee!

    2. MaG  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      the Kaiser Chiefs album is horrible, they should not win this.

    3. matt  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      oasis-don’t believe the truth should be recognized if massive records sales don’t matter.
      yeah i fuckin’ said it-OASIS

    4. Jeff  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      Kaiser Chiefs = awesome.

      Also, the Oasis album is easily the most underrated album in ages. “The Importance of Being Idle” is a top 5 song of the year for me.

      Also, are they listening to the same Crapplay album I am?

    5. Doug Datish  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      I for one am happy to see the Magic Numbers on here. Though I predict an M.I.A. upset over Kaiser Chiefs. Did those guys really just say the United States thinks they are the new “Rolling Stones”? Don’t you have to sell some records over here first?

    6. greg  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      I think I am over the whole M.I.A. thing. I bought the album, played it through a few times, uploaded it onto my computer and sold it. I can’t listen to her for more than 2 or 3 songs in a row now.

      I guess my pick would either be Bloc Party or Antony and the Johnsons

      I don’t know how Kaiser Chiefs are at 4:1 odds.

    7. Now I’m mildly depressed.

    8. MissNee  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      I think i’m the only person in the world that loathes M.I.A.

      …Yea, I totally see her being around for a long time

    9. Bill  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      Yeah Oasis totally got fucked over. It’s far to superior to the Coldplay record. Hopefully M.I.A. or The Go Team wins.

    10. Adam  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      Does Coldplay fit ANY of the prize criteria?

      At least The Go! Team have a sound that isn’t activly bad like most.

      They should win because they seem like they can get the job done, they are a large band so probably are strapped for cash, and their lead singer’s name is Ninja.

    11. Oh no, I’m with you, I really don’t like MIA. I tell other brown people this and they call me a traitor to my ethnicity. Grow up kids.

      p.s I’m disappointed by this year’s short list – I mean, Coldplay? Come on!!

    12. sasefina  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      I guess I’m joining the hatering. MIA is mostly unlistenable.

    13. Yeah…not feeling the Coldplay nod. Someone musta been smokin the boring, unoriginal crack.

      My vote goes to Bloc Party or Maximo Park. Easily my fave albums of this year thus far…(though technically BP is ’04 but whatevs:))

    14. Adam  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      The award is from summer 2 summer not january to january.

    15. Josh  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      If the Kaiser Chiefs win, I predict a riot. (Never gets old)

    16. Kowalski  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      I don’t think the favourites ever win. Thank god.

      I’ll put good money on Bloc Party.

    17. I don’t think Bloc Party have much of a shot, they’re too buzzed about almost the Franz Ferdinand of 2005. Mercury goes in a different direction every year, so I’ll put my money on The Magic Numbers or Hard-Fi.

    18. Jimmy  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      I dont think the go! team will be strapped for cash since they’ve just signed to Columbia

    19. mike  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      m.i.a. is really hot, i think that may be swaying my thought process. bloc party is the best album of the year, therefore, it will not win the shortlist.

      i won’t listen to the new coldplay.
      i have no interest in oasis.
      i listen to a.m. radio.

    20. JT  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      How’s about Art Brut? Where are they in the contention? Oh, and Arcade Fire. Were they in the running last year or…what. harumph. I think I’m going to go buy one of the aforementioned “boring, unoriginal crack” rocks.

    21. spo.  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      i’m all for the go! team and maximo park.

      coldplay…. i had to listen to that new album a billion times in a row at work and it’s basically insufferable. except fix you. i like that one. but even then, i don’t like the ending. and i hate chris martin. so much.

    22. Hey spo….I’m with you on the Coldplay…the ONLY other song that is halfway decent on there is “What If”…

      …but how many slow-tempo’d, depressing songs can you shove on an already uneventful record, y’know? :)

    23. Tannis  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      Im a tad bit surprised that Bloc Party is close behind Coldplay. Not that im a fan, of either band.
      Yay kaiser chiefs.

    24. jack  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      i agree on oasis. i disagree with the clod who mentioned the arcade fire. the band had one good song. get over them. they also aren’t from europe.

      my favorite record of the past year is the black keys’ rubber factory. this record is highly underrated in my opinion. wish they’d win some awards already.

    25. Jen W  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      I do *not* get this whole M.I.A. thing. She sucks. If she were fat or ugly we would not currently be suffering her ubiquitousness, as she would never have gotten a record deal.

    26. dunderhead  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      zaba, sufjan ain’t european. it’s their thang.

    27. I vote for Antony and The Johnsons.
      It’s probably my favourite album of the year.

      BUT Bloc Party will probably(which is alright too, because it’s an incredible album too).

    28. Victor  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      In order to be eligible for the Mercury Prize, you have to be either a British or Irish act. That’s why there’s no Sujfan or Arcade Fire or anyone else who’s not British or Irish.

    29. Re: Victor–why is Antony and the Johnsons on the list? I thought he was from New York.

      What’s with the M.I.A. hateration? I still think she’s better than most of the people on that list, and I downloaded her stuff last year. Bloc Party, on the other hand, has fallen into my “cringe list.” Of the ones I’ve actually heard on that list (Are Hard-Fi any good?), I vote for M.I.A. or the Go! Team.

    30. Calliwell  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      Ha! I’m rare enough to like M.I.A., Bloc Party and Maximo Park…but people let’s bond over our hateration for Coldplay.

      I agree, the only song I like is “Fix You” only because the rest of the songs sounds like remixes of A Rush of Blood…to me. Especially “Speed of Sound” am I the only one who thought “Mr. Martin…’Clocks’ again?”

    31. mike  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      is the coldplay album selling well?
      if it sucks as bad as ya’ll are saying, its probably #1. coldplay should have stopped while they were ahead. with parachutes. that was a good album.

    32. Victor  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      pageblank – That stumped me as well. The only thing I can think of is that his first albums were released by a UK label.

      I second your MIA comments.

    33. I hope M.I.A. wins. That would rule! Ha! ;)

    34. Daniel  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      Although the Mercury Prize inspired the Shortlist Prize, I’m afraid that you have to be from Britain or Ireland to be nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, not just European.

    35. i vote for the go team.

      ps – you guys hate on MIA way too much.

    36. I, too, loathe M.I.A. Listening to her album is the aural equivalent of a root canal.

    37. thekatmandude  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      Antony’s on the list because he’s worthy? Seriously, I thought I read somewhere that he’s British. When I checked his bio on AllMusic though, it just said he grew up in California, before moving to NYC.

    38. my money’s on m.i.a… regardless of all the ‘hateration’.

    39. Anthony was born in the UK though, so i guess they allowed it.

      MIA sucks, as does most of that list for the most part. if i had to pick a band to win it, i’d say Magic Numbers, but even they’re not all that.

      as for Coldplay, well they were nominated for the last 2 albums too…

    40. I’m sure I’m about to get yelled at for this b/c no one else seems to like them, but why isn’t kasabian on the list? Pure and simple britpop! Not innovative, but how many of the acts on the list really are? I mean, Coldplay? Yawn.

    41. jt  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      Ooooohhh. That’s. Okay. I was getting this confused with *the* Shortlist Awards (which TV on the Radio won last year, yes?)

    42. me  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2005 0

      M.I.A haters can suck a fat one.
      she’s awesome and that’s all there is to it.
      go back and cry into some of your sad bastard music and leave us party people be. Sheesh! you don’t see me talking shit about that crap you hipsters idiots cry along to.

      as for this list, M.I.A, Bloc Party and the Go! Team are all totally deserving. maxim park is pretty cool too though. and anyone worth their salt knows that the kaiser chiefs are going for ‘new kinks’ status, not the rolling stones.

      as you were…

    43. furious_styles  |   Posted on Jul 20th, 2005 0


      how does coldplay even get on the list, i though you had to sell less than 500,000 copies. my vote is with the go team, but who knows considering the number of copywrite violations on their album. the rest of the list, with the exception of antony and the johnsons is pretty brutal. go, go! team, go!!!

    44. bacon  |   Posted on Jul 20th, 2005 0

      I don’t understand how the Mercury’s have built this rep as being ‘presigious’?? I mean, the Spice ‘girls’ were nominated!?!? The Spice F*cking ‘Girls’!?!?!? M People won it!!! M F*cking people!?!?!

      That said, I hope The Go! Team win this year, although I think it’ll probably be KT Tunstall

    45. bacon  |   Posted on Jul 20th, 2005 0

      oh, I also don’t think Anthony & The Johnsons should have been allowed on the list, even if he was born in the UK

    46. furious_styles

      the 500k thing is a pre-req of the US’s Short List of Music prize, not the Mercury.

    47. To those who believe The Go! Team are somehow not strapped for cash due to a signing with Columbia: that deal is for Thunder Lightning Strike ONLY, and only because Columbia has the financial resources to clear samples. They will get the album out in America and hopefully some proper exposure, but due to samples rights and all that other stuff, this really gives them zero money and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them edge back to a smaller label once their debut is over and done with.

    48. MissNee  |   Posted on Jul 20th, 2005 0

      if i don’t like it, i don’t like it, that don’t mean that i’m hating…

    49. ac  |   Posted on Jul 20th, 2005 0

      Am I the only one who heard the KT Tunstall record? It made me want to play the guitar again.

    50. MaG  |   Posted on Jul 20th, 2005 0

      Kasabian should def. be on the list…great album, I thought they were huge in Britain.

      I also cannot listen to M.I.A., pure hype, terrible music.

      Bloc Party should win.

      does anyone have any idea why Kaiser Chiefs are the favorite?

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