Damon Albarn @ Sundance 2014

Based on what little we’ve heard, Damon Albarn’s forthcoming solo debut, Everyday Robots, is gonna be a good one. Of course, I’d argue Damon is one of the five or so most vital artists of the last quarter-century, so “a good one” is perhaps to be expected, but then again, he’s just as likely to give us Dr. Dee as he is The Good, The Bad, And The Queen, so you really never know. Anyway, now we’ve got additional evidence to suggest we’re in for a treat: a fan-filmed video of Damon at YouTube and Spin’s Sundance event doing a version of Everyday Robots track “Lonely Press Play” with just a guitar, a pianist, and a small string section — and man it is a thing of beauty. Honestly, if this were the version of the track included on the album, I’d be impressed (assuming it didn’t cut off abruptly and they edited out the handful of assholes who are actually talking while Damon Albarn is performing a few feet away. WTF?) His voice has never sounded better and the lilting melody is nothing short of transporting. Check it out.

Everyday Robots is out 4/29 on Warner Music.

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  1. Who are the other four people on your ‘most vital artists of last quarter century’ list?

    • I don’t have a list, but I can’t think of too many (any?) other artists who have been so consistently innovative/ prolific/ rewarding for the last ~25 years. Kozelek maybe? Incredible catalog but nowhere near as daring as Damon. PJ Harvey? Not prolific enough. Bjork? (To be clear I’m not counting someone like Kanye for instance who’s only got like 10+ years under his belt or whatever.)

      • It’s a very interesting question, and I’ve been thinking about who else might be included in that top 5. As of now, the only other name I could think of (for now at least) is Kanye, even though I’m not that big a fan of him. In terms of influence, innovation and productivity, I think he’s pretty up there. Another one that could be worthy but is maybe also a little too “young” would be Jack White? Maybe Kieran Hebden?

      • Beck maybe? But I agree re: Damon

  2. Very nice. To this day, I still enjoy the early acoustic version of Under the Westway best.

  3. Thanks for posting my video. I only took a snippet of some of the new songs out of fear that my batteries would die and/or I’d run out of camera space. It was a beautiful performance and I hope a pro-shot version will be released because the fans are loving it.

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