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The Bellingham, WA trio presently known as Wild Throne were a topic on Metal Twitter a few months back when they announced their name change: from their previous moniker — the gross and indefensible Dog Shredder — to their current one. But Wild Throne deserve to be talked about on the merits of their music alone. The band’s forthcoming 3-song 12″, Blood Maker, is a blistering, thunderous, infectious barrage of tightly wound instrumental precision and ecstatic, bellowed vocals. It’s produced by Ross Robinson: the man behind every nu-metal album ever made, but more relevantly in this case, the man behind the early-aughts classics from post-emo prog-spazzoids At The Drive-In, Blood Brothers, and Glassjaw. Wild Throne share sonic similarities with those bands as well as regional compatriots Sandrider and Helms Alee; another prominent reference point is the mighty Mastodon. These are complicated, unpredictable songs that don’t put complexity and unpredictability at the forefront: They are, most immediately and most importantly, loud, catchy, fun, and heavy as fuck. Today we’ve got the EP’s title track for you to spin. And I encourage you to do so.

Blood Maker is out 3/4 via Brutal Panda. Like the band here, and pre-order the record here.

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  1. What’s so indefensible about the name Dog Shredder?

    • It unironically and kind of enthusiastically suggests animal abuse (whereas bands like Pig Destroyer and Cattle Decap are pretty fervent animal rights advocates). Not saying the Wild Throne guys realized that when they first took the name, just saying they made a wise choice changing it.

      • I interviewed these guys a while back for SongLyrics.com. There name was absolutely, completely, and unequivocally ironic. They’ve also been pretty open elsewhere about how that name was a complete joke, with a very Metalocalypse-esque, comically-brutal wink. So, come on – don’t throw lies around here or pretend you did any research if you didn’t.

        I don’t think anyone can even make friends on the western side of Washington if they promote animal abuse. We tend to take care of all sentient beings in this neck of the woods.

        • Sorry, I phrased that poorly. Never intended to suggest that Dog Shredder/Wild Throne were PRO animal abuse — just the opposite, if anything. My point was that the name SUGGESTED animal abuse, unintentionally, I assumed. But for bands like Cattle Decap and Pig Destroyer, the irony is upfront and essential: Themes of animal-right advocacy are at the very heart of the bands’ respective songs/missions. For Dog Shredder, it was an inside joke that wasn’t gonna translate in the same way if they weren’t singing about saving dogs from kill shelters, abusive owners, etc. But I definitely don’t want anyone walking away from this thinking Wild Throne are (or ever were) somehow promoting animal cruelty; they were not, never, period.

          • Worth noting, maybe: One of my favorite bands in recent memory, Grave Miasma, called themselves Goat Molestör for like 10 years before changing their name. Clearly a joke! Still, a wise choice to change the name! Who wants to wear a T-shirt that says Goat Molestör? Or Dog Shredder?

          • Lighten up, Michael. I have two Dog Shredder tee shirts and wear them both….in public even. I have yet to have had any blood thrown on me by our friends at PETA. Now THAT would be gross and indefensible.

          • I feel like you guys are fucking with me. To be clear, I don’t have a dog in this fight (haha), they changed their name from Dog Shredder to Wild Throne without any input from me or anyone I know. I merely applauded the choice because Dog Shredder is a name that SUGGESTS animal cruelty, the same way Prostitute Disfigurement is a name that SUGGESTS violence against women. If you were in a new-ish band with a joke name that could pretty easily be misinterpreted and conflated with shit like Prostitute Disfigurement, would you not at least consider changing your name to something a bit less inflammatory? Most metalheads love animals, man! You want to get over with metalheads, you don’t call your band Kitten Mutilator! UNLESS that’s an ironic name and all you sing about is cat rescue! But I didn’t tell Goat Molestör to change their name to Grave Miasma, just as I didn’t tell Dog Shredder to change their name to Wild Throne. They both did so of their own volition because it was a better look for their band in the long run. In general, I’m of the belief bands would like their names to have some value greater than, “At least our fans haven’t been assaulted by PETA activists,” and/or, “Well, it’s still less offensive than Prostitute Disfigurement.”

          • I hear ya. I will say, though, before I’d met or interviewed them, I *personally* could tell it was a joke. How would one even shred a dog? In my opinion, it was an obvious joke, but maybe that in itself is a bad call – because it advertises you as a joke-metal parody band a la Dethklok. In addition, the name made me think somewhat of a headbanging, anthropomorphic dog playing ripping 80′s metal licks on a flying-V guitar.

            I will also say that in the sea of internet content I was looking through in order to find new bands to write about, that silly name caught my eye and is why I gave them a chance. Then, I was f**king blown away by “Shadow Deserts.” Still, I wouldn’t have even checked it if it weren’t for that dumb name.

  2. I used to play music with these dudes back in the day and the Dog Shredder name was based on a goofy inside joke that had nothing to do with anything. The name of another band we were playing a shitty basement show in Seattle with was misheard while booking over a scratchy cell phone call. We spent a few weeks prior to the show in awe of some band we had never heard of called “Dog Shredder” and wondered what the hell they were going be like. (grind? death? total wild card?) Of course when we got there we found out they were some generic indie/emo/hardcore band actually called “Dawn Treader”. But Josh always wanted to use the name after that.

    I think they are more likely to picture Shredder from Ninja Turtles as a dog, or Lassie shredding on Les Paul than anything to do with violence towards any living creature. That said I think they liked that the name was meaningless but somehow managed to be provocative. WIld Throne is growing on me but it definitely feels more like a focused grouped, less charming name. Just my opinion.

  3. Pretty sure Goat Molestor changed their name after two or three years… just after the 7″.

  4. Dog Shredder…you can tell that is a joke name from a mile away. I actually find it offensive to even suggest conflating this with Prostitute Disfigurement. The latter name suggests humor, callousness or even contempt towards a victimized group of people who are often treated with exactly that.

    Let’s be real, anyone who gets mad at “dog shredder” well defending “cattle decapitation” and “pig destroyer” is probably just one of the millions people who unconsciously holds double standards towards farm animals and pets because dogs are just sooo cute.

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