St. Vincent - "Prince Johnny"

We’ve already heard two songs from St. Vincent’s hotly anticipated self-titled fourth LP — “Birth In Reverse” and “Digital Witness” — and today, we’ve got a third. “Prince Johnny” is a luxuriant, rhythmic ballad with a melancholic, detailed narrative, and it puts Annie Clark’s dynamic voice on full display. It’s my favorite of the three songs that have so far surfaced, and you should definitely listen to it.

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  1. DAMN this record is going to be good. Just to tip you all off, ‘Birth in Reverse’ is a free MP3 on Amazon UK right now. Don’t know about other nationalities.

  2. Queen V > Queen B> Queen > Actual queens

    • Controversy must be your middle name! Let me give it a try:
      King Kendrick > Stephen King > King Joffrey > Kings of Leon

      Getting back to the subject of this post, I want to know more about this John(ny) fellow. First she’s asking him to marry her on her first album, probably in a sarcastic manner, and now she’s contemplating the meaning of his past and future actions (once and future king?). Maybe there are multiple johns and the lyrics are all innuendo? Whatever the case may be, St. Vincent is 3/3 so far and I can’t wait to purchase her album and Present Tense (Tangent: Wild Beasts who just slayed Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball: (No comment on her taking Lana Del Ray’s throne but I will say that this is the best possible result from the world’s current obsession).

      Let me give that game one more go:
      Jonny Greenwood > Lil Jon > Johnny Football > John Mayer

      You know, just as much as I do, that everyone would be curious to hear a super group consisting of Annie Clark, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson and eventually Katy Perry on a record entitled Songs about John that once and for all takes the gloves off and goes for the jugular.

  3. Yeah. I liked that.

  4. Dat Beat

  5. i can’t stop listening to this

  6. We should start a rumor that Prince Johnny is Sufjan. WE CAN DO THIS, PEOPLE!!!

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  8. We’re back with the fast hihats and choir, awesome. Was afraid she was abandoning it all together.

  9. who is she praying to??

  10. “Actor” & “Strange Mercy” were AOTY for me in their respective years. This bodes well for a threepeat.

    And St Vincent should do more ballads… her voice is so gorgeous it kills me..

    • Judging by the previews in iTunes I think you’ll get your wish. “I Prefer Your Love” in particular sounds like it could be one of her best ballads

      • I didn’t even realize the previews were up. You just made my day.

        And the little bit of “I PRefer Your Love” she played on NPR was breathtaking!

  11. god, that was incredible. she is amazing.

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