Coldplay will release their sixth LP later this year, and today, they’ve dropped a brand new track. “Midnight” may or may not appear on the full-length — no confirmation on that yet — but if this is the sound they’re going for, I approve. It’s the band at their most spacious and ambient, stripped down to a ghostly essence. (I can hear a little “Beth/Rest” on the vocals.) It comes with a video, directed by Mary Wigmore. Watch/listen.

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  1. Good to know Chris Martin finally discovered Bon Iver in 2013.

  2. Holy shit.

  3. Instrumentally, I feel that Jon Hopkins had a lot to do with this track. I know he worked with them on the last two albums.

    Very nice beautiful song though.

    • This makes more sense than the Bon Iver comparison to me. The vocals are also restrained and measured in a way that supports the ambient production. A Bon Iver vocal would be doing more stretching and emoting.

  4. This is great. I really loved “Atlas,” too, from Catching Fire. It seems they’re simplifying, which is the best thing for them to do right now.

  5. I would love to see Chris Martin dance like that without the negative/infrared camera effects.

  6. I get a very album opener vibe from this song. I could totally hear the track 2 hit lead single kicking in right after it..

  7. no, it does not sound like bon iver. that said, it sounds way better than anything on mylie xylo

  8. I was just thinking that it would be great if Coldplay started just being an instrumental band so we don’t have to listen to Martin’s crap lyrics. This is a good compromise.

  9. This song screamed for a bombastic breakdown but they refrained. That’s intriguing. It’s arranged perfectly for the EDM remixes to be poppin’. So in a way, everybody wins. Very good song.

  10. It’s sounds like a really bad Clanad song. What we’re they thinking?

  11. People bitch when they sell out with an arena rock sound, top 40 pop built hooks or in this case a wag of the finger toward a Vernon rip off. Mind you, I can understand the potential ick factor here, by there is no way I’m shrugging this one off quite yet after hearing this.

    Finally, we get a Coldplay sound that, at the least, momentarily appears to carry a more heady, panoramic approach (a la Parachutes, in a way) which I’ve always felt was their true sweet spot. This almost seems like an interlude track, or at worst, an eventual b-side, but it still provides an extremely intriguing question as to how their next album may sound or direction they’re headed.

    And, if this is an impending sample of a Bon Iver ‘influenced’ album by way of Coldplays infectious & melodic charm, then let me just go ahead and mark this one down as one of my 5 most anticipated of the year. Because that’d be like a Jack White producing a Stones record kinda cool.

    • Feels like a possible opening track that then leads into the next song which is a bombastic anthem and hit single.

    • lol please don’t compare the stones to Coldplay

      • I was just about to note that time-wise this would be Coldplay’s “Some Girls” period where they surge ahead again after a misstep, but that would mean it’s all downhill from here.

    • May I just say; apart from one missing apostrophe, this was perfectly written. It is rare these days even to see capital letters in comments like this. It was a joy to read, simply because you wrote it well. I didn’t have to imagine and work out where exactly certain full stops should go. And even the 3 little bitesize paragraphs. In a word; (2) Thank you.

      Although I do completely disagree with everything you said ;)

  12. I didn’t like where they were going in the last few years (more banal pop), but THIS is good! Well done!

  13. Heaven forbid an artist be influenced by a contemporary!

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  15. I was getting more of an Imogen Heap vibe than Bon Iver. Still, I like it. Very minimalist.

  16. would’ve fit right in S. Carey’s Hoyas EP

  17. I think it’s great! The further away they stay from Mylo Xyloto’s colorful bullshit, the better. I did not care for that album especially being released after possibly their best album.

  18. Wow, was definitely not expecting that! What a level of restraint these guys just showed. Really really enjoying this, and I’m truly looking forward to this new album, whenever it arrives. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just release it out of nowhere a la Martin’s friend Auntie Beyonce.

    Can today be the day we can finally admit to liking Coldplay? Or am I jumping the gun?

    • As much as I cringed to Xylo Piñata and felt Meh for X & Y, I still love the first 2 albums. Viva la vida is too poppy for my taste but there’s still some great stuff in there. If there’s even a couple of songs like this in the new album, I’ll give it a few listens.

      in shorrt, I like Coldplay*

      • It’s kinda like KOL and the Strokes for me, in that their first two albums are undeniably their best, but after that they’re sort of hit and miss. The only difference is I think Coldplay have since made greater creative strides than those two bands, relatively speaking.

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  21. yikes. friends don’t let friends let their child’s godmother direct their music videos…

  22. And lest we not forget, when Bon Iver released “Calgary”, we all said how much it reminded us of Coldplay so that road goes both ways.

  23. It’s not Bon Iver. It’s Apparatjik.

    Apparatjik is a supergroup of Magne (a-ha), Jonas (Mew), Martin Terefe (producer) and… Guy Berryman (Coldplay) and their songs sound EXACTLY like this new Coldplay song.

  24. Well. This was unexpected, I thought we had lost Coldplay to dance pop. The atmosphere on this is nice, but the components are a bit simplistic to me… It sort of feels like a less intriguing version of Wild Beast’s new stuff. Bodes well for the album I think. And yes, it does sound like Bon Iver.

    • Yes, thank you. Despite the ‘sound’ being a bit more progressive – and a big step forward from the garbage heap that was Mylo whatever-lo – the melody is incredibly simple and the song really goes nowhere. An interesting direction, but try harder on the actual songwriting is all I’m saying.

      • Well we know Coldplay CAN write a good song. I don’t think there is a bad song on their first two albums, and the rest has some good highlights. So if they combine the best of both we could have a good record on our hands. I hope. But then, I lost all confidence when they started working with Rihanna…

        • I loved their first two albums (and even, shockingly, a good portion of X&Y), so I’m forever holding out hope that they’ll bounce back, but like with The Strokes, Interpol and King of Leon, I am constantly being disappointed.

          • I used to love X&Y, but the only thing that grabs me now is the Kraftwerk riff. I’ll admit I usually end up putting ‘Computer World’ on half way through ‘Talk’… We’ll see though, this might be the time we finally get something good.

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  26. holy auto tune!

  27. This is excellent. But I have to agree with the person above that this isn’t reminiscent of Bon Iver just because of the layered vocoded harmonies. Imogen Heap completely dominated that game with “Hide and Seek” (well before Jason Derulo piggybacked) before Justin Vernon had started Bon Iver. Justin Vernon doesn’t get to just lay claim to atmospheric harmony-laden pop music! And I’m sure he would agree, but the music writers are doing it for him.

  28. People who are upset that it sounds like Bon Iver – what, do you want another Mylo Xyloto instead? If a quote-end-quote “indie” artist is influencing a more pop-based artist, isn’t that a good thing for direction of the music industry as a whole? Don’t we want more differentiation in pop music? Last I checked, one of pop’s biggest problems was redundancy. If some Coldplay fan out there hears this track and it acts as a sort of gateway to Bon Iver and other similar artists, giving our favorite musicians more exposure and more rewards for their art, that’s a good thing, right?

    • But doesn’t this just lead to more artists sounding like Bon Iver and therefore less differentiation and more redundancy? Or is this ok as long as everyone sounds like an artist you like?

      • Not a huge Bon Iver fan, actually. I don’t necessarily think people will stop at Bon Iver, to be honest. It’s like a gateway/introduction to other artists, if you get what I’m saying.

  29. I don’t really care if this a rip off or bon iver or not since it sounds nice, but I think we should talk about chris martin ripping off thom yorke’s “i have no bones” dance moves

  30. also this looks like what an early animal collective video would be like if instead of intentionally weird and silly it was unintentionally funny and serious

  31. This sounds pretty lackluster and derivative. I think a lot of the hype this is getting is because it’s by Coldplay. Personally, this doesn’t sound as much of a remarkable step forward for them as artists as many of us would like to think, and I’d prefer their earlier stuff any day (For what it is: inoffensive, catchy, ‘alternative’ music). There are popular musicians who have made and are making first-rate music, Coldplay is not one of them.

  32. This does sound like Bon Iver with a bit of Sigur Ros, but it’s still really pretty damn good – especially in light of their last LP.

  33. Coldplay is back on track again.

  34. I’ll admit it, I’m a big Coldplay fan. X&Y is their worst album by far, but there are some stellar songs on there. It just came off as a re-tread of a band not knowing who to trust to make the next step developmentally. Thankfully, they turned to Mr. Eno to help set them straight. They’re never, ever going to be Radiohead or U2 from a taking-chances standpoint I think. But, they’ve made great strides and admit it…they write damn good songs!

    I think this song is really sweet and a continued progression. Very excited for whatever we hear next.

    And last but not least, Bon Iver came BEFORE Coldplay. Just because BonIver is hip now, does not mean Coldplay is copying them, alright.

  35. I suppose I get the Bon Iver comparison but from what I’ve gathered this song is based on a Jon Hopkins production circa 2003, pre-dating For Emma by 4 years. So at least production-wise, it doesn’t seem accurate to say Hopkins in this case was aping Justin Vernon.

    Yeah, the whole Autotuned-choirboy thing is sort of Vernon’s shtick, so you could claim Martin was ripping him off. But I don’t think it’s fair to give Vernon a monopoly on pretty, Autotuned vocals, especially when you consider how many musicians nowadays make it a pointed part of their performance.

    In any case, as a longtime Coldplay fan, I’m pretty blown away by this song. Jon Hopkins’ productions are gorgeous and I’m enjoying the restraint they’re employing here (especially in comparison to Mylo Xyloto). Definitely interested to hear the rest of the album.

  36. Imogen Heap is like “wait what.”

  37. Peche  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2014 +3

    the minimalism extends through bon iver, the xx and lorde, as far as i can tell. it’s a nice contrast to a lot of the bombast that’s all over the radio. reminds me a little of ‘everything in its right place’

  38. I thought this song was good. I enjoyed listening to it.

  39. I’ve lived in N.America for 8 years now and still haven’t found the answer – Why are Coldplay considered “alternative” ?

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