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The Smashing Pumpkins’ fourth LP, 1998′s Adore, clocked in at 73:25 — a running time that even fans of the band would be unlikely to fault for its brevity. Just the same, according to an update on the band’s site, the album will be reissued this summer as a 6-disc box set, featuring: “the original album in stereo (as remastered by Bob Ludwig), the album as it was released in mono (here for the first time on CD), plus an additional 3 discs of unreleased material and a live DVD, taken from the band’s charity tour of 1998.” Said Billy Corgan of the project:

One thing that might excite fans of the album is that we were able to go back and locate elements from the original sessions that were stored digitally, but never used; such as some of the brilliant work done by Bon Harris. In that fresh mixes have been commissioned, shedding new light on not only the songs’ hidden foundations, but their futuristic nature as well.

In case you didn’t know, Bon Harris was credited with additional programming on 8 of the original album’s 16 tracks, as well as additional vocals on “For Martha.” Exciting indeed!

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  1. “shedding new light on not only the songs’ hidden foundations, but their futuristic nature as well.” Nothing says futuristic like a bunch of compact discs…

  2. Seriously though, vinyl?

    • I still buy the CDs… best way to get everything in good quality and a nice package to boot.
      all their reissues thus far have had vinyl releases, so i’m sure that’ll be the case here, but those don’t usually include the DVDs and all the extras.
      I still have the original vinyl pressing of Adore, which is in mono. it’s quite “warm.”

      • That’s cool John, I didn’t realize it was pressed to vinyl at the time of its release. I sometimes think about what an impressive collection I would have by now if I’d actually kept all my CDs in the their jewel cases and stored them responsibly.

        This is all your fault, Case Logic.

        • are you saying you hate cds because you neglected your own collection?

        • Yeah, i kept good track of all mine, despite having a few Case Logics back in the day.
          I think I found the vinyl on Amazon or something like that, almost by accident, a couple years later. It has a different cover and basically no track list or information other than what’s on the individual discs themselves, which were quite flimsy at the time, since I’m sure no one was buying them then.

  3. Really excited about this one; probably SP’s last truly beautiful album. Adore was so criminally underrated in 1998… everyone knew the alt-rock days were pretty much over and were holding out for the heavyweights to keep the rock going. I remember the critics literally writing that the band had “forgotten how to rock,” or something.

  4. Great album. Had this one long before Mellon Collie, believe it or not. Loved “Ava Adore” and bought it. Not the kind of album you can listen to often, but a gorgeous one.

  5. I’m excited for this. More than any other SP album, this one shows Billy’s talent as a composer. The songs are beautiful. I can understand the initial backlash it had, though…alt rock may have been dead and the band wasn’t quiet about moving in another direction but “Eye” and then “Ava Adore” as the first single didn’t really capture what the album was about.

    I’m even more excited that now Billy can finally start putting together Machina the way it was intended.

  6. Gotta admit it’s not among my favorite SP records, but Appels + Oranjes and The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete are serious jams

  7. Can’t wait to have “Chewing Gum” in my possession: probably my favourite track from this era.

  8. 3 new disks, of what? demos? garbage remixes?

    I dl’ed an SP discography years back and regretted it immediately because of all the random side shit, the super boring and droning remixes and different versions.

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