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After a great deal of anticipation, old songs confused as new singles, and news that Dan Auerbach would be producing, we finally have the first real taste of Lana Del Rey’s second album, Ultraviolence. The LP’s first single is called “West Coast,” and she premiered it at Coachella last night. Now you can listen to it below.

Ultraviolence is out sometime soon via Interscope.

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  1. Who is anticipating this exactly?

    • Not sure if there’s anything more moronic than someone projecting their own tastes onto an entire market. YOU may not be anticipating it, but quite clearly a lot of people are.

      • So I’m sure you’ll say that to everyone in this section who’s “projecting their own tastes onto an entire market” who are responding positively to this, just like you did to someone who implied something negative…right?

      • “Some people like music I don’t, and that is OK.”

        Let’s all just practice telling ourselves that in the morning before we internet.

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        • You understand that blogs are written by people and do not (yet) emerge spontaneously out of the internet, yes?

        • Well, there’s a reason her tour sold out almost instantly. She’s done a remarkable job in building up a fan base ever since Born To Die. So yeah, people are obviously interested in her, including you seeing as you were here bright and early this morning.

        • I care, I’m REALLY looking forward to it and I’ve been very vocal about digging LDR in the past. The lyrics aren’t groundbreaking, I get that. But they are dirt nasty, sexy, fun to get drunk and fuck to. You should try it some time, you might enjoy yourself.

    • The same folks who think of her as a “Gangster Nancy Sinatra”?

      • That’s retarded. Nancy Sinatra was the “Gangster Nancy Sinatra”. And LDR has already done more interesting music than the total of Nancy Sinatra’s career.

    • What a slow week.

  2. burke  |   Posted on Apr 14th +11

    I can dig this.

  3. Wow. Expectations surpassed.

  4. kuz  |   Posted on Apr 14th +4

    Hmmm. It’s decent for a Lana Del Rey track I guess.

  5. Sounds like a bit like Tori Amos meets David Lynch meets her Nancy Sinatra shtick. I’m pleased.

  6. I’m glad she’s ditched the awkward canned strings and beats thing. This sounds less forced. I like.

  7. This is pretty excellent stuff.

  8. It’s pretty darn cool.

  9. I dont really care for Lana, but after the success of the remixed Summertime Sadness, I could have bet a million bucks that her new music would be synth laden radio ready shit. Kinda pleased its not

  10. Recent Lana Del Rey songs: pretty bad
    Recent Black Keys songs: pretty bad
    New Lana Del Rey collaboration with Black Keys: pretty… great actually?


  11. Song should be called “West Coast, Just Like The White Winged Dove” –That chorus rips off Stevie Nicks “Edge of Seventeen” so hard with that “Ooh baby ooh baby ooh”.

    • I’m hearing a whole lot of Money For Nothing in the verse as well.. I mean.. it’s not bad or anything.. but it’s not really changing my mind about her either.

    • To my ears, “Edge of Seventeen” borrows heavily from Police’s “Bring On The Night”

  12. Sounds exactly like you’d think the child of Black Keys and Lana Del Rey would sound, right down to the drums and vocal mic filter. It’s a little heavy on the reverb but… then the West Coast rap whistle comes in and… welp. Why not!

  13. This song is pretty wonderful. Love that synth that comes in about 3:20. Among other things.

    • I’m going to assume that your cat walked across the keyboard and “accidentally” typed that…

      • I’m going to assume YOUR cat walked across the keyboard and “accidentally” typed that lame ass meaningless response. See, we can respond like that to anything. You sound like a jerk off. PS I as well really like the song.

  14. Sensual and interesting, I really like it.

  15. I think it’s safe to say that she likes the whole leather jacket thing.

  16. could do with less hipster Fabio mugging for the camera

  17. Much better than I was expecting. I’m kind of hooked on this right now.

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  19. I like it. Looking forward to the new record

  20. the record is out the first of next month, i thought.

  21. This video features a lot of hugging and spinning.

  22. Man, I’d love to fly US Airways with her.

  23. So Lana Del Rey released a handful of spot-on singles with the aid of the viral hit, “Video Games” (even though “Blue Jeans” is her best). Those songs hit my pleasure zones; they were campy, catchy, sillily sexual. Then, she put out a debut, and it was pretty good (more of an innocent pleasure than anything else). However, the strings seemed a little too canned and the songs a little too flimsy. Next came an EP (or LP?) that was just kinda not that great, and I didn’t listen to it much.

    Gotta say though…I think this new song might be a strong bid to earn and maintain relevance. The production is much more interesting than I expected it to be (especially after her biggest commercial success was/is a dance remix…so happy she didn’t fall in that trap).

  24. Subjective opinion of someone is a confessed LDR fan already, this is pretty great. Might be the best thing, other than Video Games, that she’s ever put her voice to from a musical standpoint. Some of the lyrics on past tracks are more fun (not better! just more fun), but these are growing on me.

  25. Sharon Van Etten, Dawn Landes and/or Jessica Lea Mayfield do this kind of stuff with much better effect. Production-wise, it’s great but you’d be doing yourself an injustice not to get into the women who do it more organically.

    • I don’t understand the “much better effect part”. LDR is always compared to other singers but in most cases those singers have little in common with LDR. The difference between LDR and the singers you mentioned is between having a boner or enjoying you caffe au lait. Maybe you prefer the latter

  26. Thank God for the video! Those lyrics are so deep, now I know what she’s talking about!

    • Its OBVIOUSLY not a real video. Geez.

    • Oh no! The pathetic Lana hater strikes again! You made a profession out of it. Good for you babe! Your predictably moronic comments are somewhat of fun. What would be a Lana article without them? Bring it on!

  27. I’m SO happy LDR is back and we get to complain about her again!

  28. Opiates.

  29. I’m getting a Blondie’s-Atomic-on-drugs vibe

    • I’m hearing Portishead and some 90s Fiona (in the verses). It took me a few listens but I really, really like this.

  30. I really like this. It definitely sounds more fresh than “Born To Die” and “Summertime Sadness”. This sounds more natural for her. Still don’t know how I feel about “Pale Moonlight”, though…

  31. leon  |   Posted on Apr 16th -3

    I’m just hearing what I’ve heard before, Stevie Nicks Edge of Seventeen, a bit of Neil Diamond Girl you’ll be a Woman Soon a riff from the Beatles And I Love Her a little bit of Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy Thunder Road cover and her overall Chris Issak sound. It’s an huge amalgamation of stolen riffs/molody and that’s what it sounds like sound.

    • I thought that the song has only three distinct parts the verse, the pre chorus and the chorus and yet you found 6 other songs embedded in WC. You trying to hard to shade poor Lana’s pussy. None of those songs sounds like West Coast

  32. Reminds me a bit of The Beatles ‘I Want You’ from Abbey Road, with the usual Urge Overkill/Chris Isaac undertones LDR has been inflecting into her music for a while. While most of the songs in her catalog are seriously underwhelming and mediocre, when she’s on – she’s on. Digging this and think it may be up there with “Video Games” and her A$AP Rock collab as her best.

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