Future Islands "Moving Portrait"

Future Islands have been getting tons of attention ever since 4AD signed them and David Letterman co-signed them. One of the oddest examples is this new “moving portrait” from Google Play in which footage of bandmates Samuel T. Herring, William Cashion, and Gerritt Welmers staring sentimentally at the camera is matched with audio recordings of their responses to questions about what makes them happy, what they need in life, etc. Some of the story behind new album Singles is included. Watch below.

Singles is out now on 4AD, and we named it Album Of The Week a few weeks back.

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  1. it wasn’t really “overdramatic.” some decent humor thrown in.

  2. I need freshly squeezed vegetable juice! OWWWOOOOOOOOOO!

  3. woah, lead singer looks a lot younger in this than he does in other videos/photos I’ve seen lately.

  4. I liked this a lot. Nice to know the keyboard fellow, G, speaks! Love Future Islands. Enjoyed this immensely. Thanks, guys. Samuel T’s smile….sigh. Shoot….all their smiles!

  5. I think it was pretty overdramatic, but I also laughed a bit. The slow motion went a bit too far. Maybe there’s irony at work here

  6. This isn’t odd, it’s amazing.

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