Savages - "Fuckers" Video

Savages just released a new 12″ single, “Fuckers” b/w “Dream Baby,” and today, the A-side is joined by a video directed by Giorgio Testi. The clip features the band in concert, normally not the most exciting format, but Savages are one of the best live bands on the planet, and I really think hearing them without seeing them is an incomplete experience. Plus, it’s beautifully shot and absolutely captures Savages’ intense live magic over the course of the song’s nine climactic and chaotic minutes. Watch.

The “Fuckers”/”Dream Baby” 12″ is out now via Matador.

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  1. This is how Savages are growing onto a monster force, with evolution like this…
    Holy shit, that was fantastic. Christ, I love these girls.

  2. too much cussin’ for my taste!

  3. The dissonance of the lead singer singing in no particular key was distracting. Otherwise, this was pretty good.

    • Not sure I would ever in a million years use the word ‘dissonance’ when commenting on this band. Every piston in their 4 piece engine was revving synchronously.

      • Dissonance is when a progression doesn’t resolve back to the root note. Here, she sings like 16 bars before resolving in some verses, and at the beginning she keeps singing out of key.

        You may like that kind of style, I find it distracting.

  4. This felt like it was gonna fall apart any second, which of course is awesome

  5. In a week dominated by Swans, Savages make worthy competition. Wonderful monster of a track.

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