Lipgloss Twins

A few weeks ago we posted a sugar coma of a pop song by Hannah Diamond called “Attachment,” and judging by the comments when it made our 5 Best Songs Of The Week it freaked out as many people as it won over (“I am very impressed, and I never want to listen to this again,” as Chris put it). That song came from the label PC Music, a collective of mysterious producers who craft what could be considered bubblegum pop for the era after the singularity hits and they download our brains into computers.

The newest PC Music track, credited to Lipgloss Twins (but really coming from “Attachment” producer, label leader, and SOPHIE’s SXSW live collaborator A.G. Cook), is one of the most fascinatingly fractured pieces to come from the camp so far — so if Hannah was too much for you, then be warned. Over a constantly shifting series of rubbery beats that could make Venetian Snares dizzy comes the chatter of pitched-up vocals muttering about Top Shop, Maybelline, and lipgloss like a sentient computer that thinks it’s a teenage girl. Eventually it all speeds up and breaks down into complete chaos before it abruptly ends with the pop of chewing gum, an almost too-literal ending for this stretched-out, chewed-up piece of ear candy. Listen and download below, and head to their site to see the creepily plastic accompanying video pictured above.

Dive into PC Music’s Soundcloud to hear more.

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  1. This is horrifying.

  2. best song I’ve heard since Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

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