Back in March, Chris wrote a Week In Pop column with the headline “It’s Time We All Agreed That Coldplay Is Great,” and as the band dropped new song premieres from their forthcoming LP, Ghost Stories, they only strengthened Chris’ initial argument. Those tracks included “Midnight,” “Magic,” “A Sky Full Of Stars,” “Always In My Head,” and “Oceans” — which is to say, if you’ve been listening, you’ve already heard a pretty substantial piece of Ghost Stories. But now you can hear the thing in full. Coldplay’s new album is streaming right now over at iTunes. Check it out, and come back here to let us know what you think.

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  1. Wait.. You’re trying to say that Coldplay debuting a collaboration with Avicii was strengthening the argument?

  2. Really feeling “Always In My Head” & “True Love”.

  3. This is good.

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  5. One or two summers ago, the Guggenheim had an exhibit called Picasso: Black and White. Conceptually, the pieces were all curated because they were works done in… black and white. Picasso’s thought being that the two colors celebrate the structures and forms of his pieces and that they could carry the themes he needed without the distractions that adding color posed. Giving this album my first listen reminded me of that exhibit. On the surface, all of the songs are entirely mellow electropop songs. But from the twinkle in Ink that made Strawberry Swing whimsically saudade to the slightly offkilter, Burtonesque lullabye in True Love and the sheer brilliance of Always in My Head, this album uses very similar colors in a lot of various ways in tight, succinct way. Great collection of music.

  6. Always in My Head may be the best song they’ve ever made. It’s a lyrical masterpiece by Chris Martin’s standards.

  7. this is really really good, until sky full of stars hits

  8. I’ve only heard Magic (brilliant song, a real grower, and one of their best), Midnight (nice song, not the most interesting tbh, but could be perfect on the record) and ASFoS (Can’t stand it – there are many ways to “secure” a hit. Aviciixstadiumrock doesn’t have to be one).

    So, I don’t know what to expect at this point. I really hop ASFoS is the outlier, and the rest of it is as good as Magic.

  9. From about 10:00 pm tonight until approximately 5:30 tomorrow morning I will be streaming my snores from my slumber. It’s probably just me but I think Coldplay aped my sound.

  10. Sky Full of Stars is such a kick in the balls.

  11. The track “Ink” is a huge ripoff of “Fast Car” by Tracy Champan

  12. really like this & think it solidifies last 6 years Coldplay as a definitively better era than their earlier stuff, which doesn’t hold up outside of the good 50% of “Rush of Blood”

  13. also “Another’s Arms” is fuckin’ incredible

  14. It’s weird because Coldplay is the only remnant I have of being remotely interested in what most people consider “mainstream” music. It’s probably the case if they debuted as a band today I wouldn’t be into them. There’s something I enjoy about the familiarity.

    I don’t feel I need to justify myself because I feel like enough people have basically come forward and said, “Yeah I like Coldplay” to have moved past that point. Alas, on first listen this album is remarkably disappointing. I can actually say that VLV and MX are two of my favorite albums track by track ever. This stuff seems so tepid and I suppose it’s a bit shocking for Chris Martin to think this is the album where they’ve gotten it 100% of what they wanted.

    It seems like every song has so much potential and it’s squandered. I don’t know, maybe it’s not a stereo album and I gotta get my headphones.

  15. If I could edit, I might also say that I’m hindered from taking all these songs being enamored with Gwyneth Paltrow seriously. That really might be the issue. I’ll probably move past that after a few listens.

  16. Solid solid album. Very cohesive set of songs (well, other than ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ which just doesn’t fit at all). I get the sense, however, that this is a Chris Martin solo album.

  17. Definitely feeling a strong Peter Gabriel vibe. The album as a whole has got that atmospheric space that they really do well as a band when in the right mindset. Clearly, he is purging, which is fine…if only we all could use making popular music the outlet for that purpose ourselves.

    It’s got its radio friendly moment for sure, but you can’t knock them for it at this point (but we all will). The real deal here is that, yet again, they changed slight pace and added another dimension to their library. It also comes off more refreshing on the back heels of Viva La Vida & Mylo merely because those were so much more stadium reaching.

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