Miley Cyrus Performs At The 02 Arena

If I had to pick a “favorite song of all time,” there’s a pretty good chance I’d go with “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out,” from the Smiths’ 1986 LP, The Queen Is Dead. So it was with some trepidation that I approached this cover of that song, performed by Miley Cyrus last night at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Ireland (just up the coast from Morrissey’s ancestral Dublin!). But you know what? She does a totally fine job with it! I mean, it’s not like anyone is going to call this the definitive version of the song, and I’m not sure she’s in exactly the right register, but hey, it’s one of the best songs ever and if she treats it with perhaps too much reverence, that’s probably better than the opposite (if less fun to write about, admittedly). A fan took some video of her doing the song (note: it cuts off in the middle), and you can watch it below and be outraged/impressed/disinterested in the comments.

[Photo of Cyrus at London's O2 Arena by Simone Joyner/Getty.]

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  1. I’d listen to a full version.

  2. good news is, it’s such a good song, it STILL sounds good…and maybe our lil girl growing up will help spread the word of Morrissey to the kids? I’m guessing Radiohead will be next…just PLEASE not Creep:)

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  4. Dum Dum Girls did the best cover of ‘There Is A Light…”
    You’re fucking stupid.

  5. For most of this she doesn’t even seem to really be singing, just kind of talking/grumbling. I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with the “She does a fine job with it bit” since to me this sounds a lot like I do when I’m drunkenly singing along to my favorite songs at night, which is to say not very good.

  6. Welp, this about sums up pop culture in the past week or so doesn’t it?

  7. Whatever the hell she’s wearing is also the same pattern as Win Butler’s pants circa-Reflektor

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    • Agreed, it’s not half-bad as some people are making it sound, sounds like a nice cover/karaoke version of the song.
      However, I do find pretty annoying the celphone thing.

  9. Nah, not digging her mumbling.

  10. Taking a selfie in the middle of performing seems a little irreverent to me…

  11. Cute girl with no pants singing a Smiths song, what’s not to like ?

  12. When will it stop? The media created this “monster” and they want us to take it seriously. Do you really want this to be the icon of a generation? Isn’t it easy to understand the tweets about St Vincent’s SNL performance? Poor sad generation.

  13. Hey, I dunno about you, but I’m taking this very, very seriously. Miley must take her rightful place at the round table of “generation icons”, as the prophecy foretold. Right between Lenny Kravitz and Taylor Dayne.

  14. While visiting home for Christmas one year, my friends and I went to the local townie karaoke bar which was (is still?) traditionally where all of the young townies and home-for-the-holiday types reconvene on Christmas night. There was this one disaster of a chick in her mid-20s who was sitting the corner of the room with her much older skeeze-ball-looking boyfriend / father figure, and she was kind of pretty, but kind of worn out-looking in a disheveled mess sort of way. She would get up religiously to sing a song, each time more drunker than the last. The highlight was when she did Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open,” to which she changed the lyrics “arms” to “legs” and mumbled through the song flat without shame. I think that girl was actually Miley after watching this.

  15. She’s not taking a selfie, she’s reading the lyrics cus she can’t remember them.

    Still think this other version I heard recently is the best alternate version I’ve heard:

  16. Something I am genuinely curious about regarding Miley Cyrus: where does she go from here? Does she have any staying power beyond the whole “former Disney star goes bad” shtick? Like, eventually it will no longer be weird to see Miley Cyrus twerking onstage with a giant penis or whatever, because the memory of her as Hannah Montana will have faded. This whole reinventing her image and acting omg scandalous thing only works because very recently she was the opposite of that. What happens when this is the norm? Will people still care?

    • I’m thinking she will go the Christina Aguilera post-hypersexualized Stripped route with her image and music by trying out different “artsier” directions on her next album (instead of Sia and members of Le Tigre, it’ll be Wayne Coyne) and it’ll fall flat. She’ll have a rushed marriage, appear to “settle down” from her wild child character, divorce after two or three years when she realizes she wants to be relevant again and end up judging a TV singing competition (or whatever the equivalent to a safe payout with ample media exposure is by then.)

  17. I feel dirty for watching that….

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