Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Wedding Weekend In Versailles

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are in Versailles and Florence for their wedding weekend, which already featured Lana Del Rey, David Blaine, and great caviar at the rehearsal dinner. Meanwhile, the rapper’s new song “God Level” can now be heard in an Adidas FIFA World Cup commercial titled “The Dream.” (Kanye is Adidas’ Tupac of product.) The track was produced by Hudson Mohawke, 88-Keys, Mike Dean, Noah Goldstein, and West. One notable line: “You see sharks in the water. Then they try to do nothin’ but put cocks in your daughter.” Watch the commercial and hear the full song (or at least a longer version of it) below.

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  1. I’m really digging that beat, but I’m mystified as to why there is such a lack of actual rapping. Feels like it could’ve been a Yeezus outtake, not that that’s a bad thing.

    • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on May 27th, 2014 +1

      My guess would be that it’s an Adidas commercial so they edited out a few R-rated things that Yeezy may have said that would be “bad for the brand” or just impossible to get on television…

  2. It does sound like a Yeezus outtake – unfortunately, imo, one that should’ve been left unreleased.

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  4. has to be a Yeezus leftover. As for the lack of rapping- it’s an unfinished track. Only 14 tracks were finished for Yeezus out of 3 hours of material… I doubt this was even one of the four B-sides.. Cool beat though, just sounds super unfinished. Then again, it is just an Adidas commercial, it’s not like he just dropped the first single from his new album

  5. classic ye. one really smart lyric followed by one incredibly stupid lyric

  6. I’m happy that, as other’s have pointed out, this is likely a leftover from Yeezus because after redefining his sound after pretty much every album so far I would be disappointed if he didn’t do it again.

  7. fun fact: sharks have two penises, so that line actually works really well

  8. This isn’t the real song idiots, it’s snippets looped over

  9. Gronchótica.

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