Zola Jesus

We knew something from Zola Jesus was on the way since the artist teased us all with the trailer for her new album, Taiga, and now you can hear that album’s first single. It’s called “Dangerous Days” and it’s unsurprisingly fantastic. Check it out below and head to her website where you can download it in exchange for an email address.

Taiga is out 10/7 via Mute.

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  1. The following is my honest opinion on this track. So, nothing new here as music itself is concerned. The whole construct of the piece is like plain pop, in fact, it’s close to country-pop music, but with electronic instruments on the background instead. The music itself plays a very secondary role, it’s barely audible, Jesus’ voice completely overpowers and dominates the piece. So basically this is a very pop piece (the kind they used to have in the early ’90s, but with barely audible synths or progression), that tries to convince us that it’s rad/indie/experimental/etc. It’s not in my view. It’s something I’ve heard before a thousand times. The music itself only starts to become interesting, standing on its own two feet, in the last 4 seconds of the track.

    • thanks for your honest opinion, Eugenia. i personally connected hard with this one from the first downbeat. Zola did it again!

  2. I think this is a wide departure from Zola. It’s a pure pop song. I guess I need to let it settle in more.

  3. Not sure How i feel about this. If Nika wanted to prove that she could do a synth pop song, well, she has ultimately proved her point in this song. However, the song itself is merely average, by Zola Jesus standards. The redeeming factor is that now her voice is cleared up from the fog aka tons of reverb.

    I hope the remaining songs on Taiga wil blow me away. This one didnt.

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