Song Of The Summer - 2014

Last week, we embarked on the process of assembling a ballot for our Song Of The Summer poll, and thanks to you guys, we now have that ballot assembled. We’re looking at 10 legit possibilities for SOTS 2014 — most are pop hits that are already hovering atop the charts, but we didn’t disqualify suggestions that maybe seemed too old or obscure to legit win the SOTS honor. (Note: we want you to vote for the track that represents this season for you — the song that will always remind you of this time this year.) We ended up with a pretty diverse segment of the contemporary music landscape, but in fact all of the 10 tracks here taken together make up a pretty decent seasonal playlist. And we have created just such a playlist, which you’ll find beneath the poll itself, to assist you in your selection. You get one (1) vote, and polls are open until EOD July 2. Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. (If you DO vote, complaints will be heard in the comments.)

[NYC '49 photo via Gothamist.]

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  1. Didn’t the guy who suggested “Talking Backwards” get a ton of plus 1′s? Take a hint Stereogum…

    • Something about this makes me think this was done to make it as easy as possible for Future Islands to walk away with the title.

      I know it’s pretty old now, but “Latch” has finally taken off in the U.S. That would have gotten my vote. For this and every other summer ever.

      • I hope Future Islands doesn’t win. I like that song, but it doesn’t really seem like the Song Of The Summer.

        • I kind of feel the same way about “Chandelier”. Good song, not all that Summery to me. That LDR song isn’t summery at all.

          “Talking Backwards” on the other hand…

        • I can see how you wouldn’t think Seasons isn’t the SOTS. Hell, I even kind of agree. But it’s unarguably the best song on this list, so fuck it.

        • I agree, Scott. That album reminds of the spring/fall for some reason. Not exactly a “summer song” in my mind either. But it is the best thing here, so I voted for it. “Problem” or “Jealous” were the other two I was tempted to vote for.

        • Counterpoint: I had one of the best weekends of my life this weekend, and “Seasons” factored in twice – once it was being played at a bookstore (people hear music at bookstores, cafes, parties, and concerts in addition to radio!) and another time I was just hanging out and drinking beer in the sun with my friends as someone was playing it off their phone (people can also largely choose what they want to listen to and when these days!). That’s definitely going to be Song of the Summer for me.

          And if I was going for something that’s making a big impact on the chart, I’d pick “Ain’t It Fun” over Iggy, Ariana, Calvin, or Lil Jon, no questions asked. There’s a difference between poptimism and bland centrism.

        • I get what you’re saying. It doesn’t feel like a “summer song”, it just feels like the best song that’s come out in the last few months. The problem is, all the songs that feel summery on this list aren’t any good. Future Islands is gonna win this. Too bad you guys didn’t wait a week. The new Grimes song would’ve been perfect and I suspect it will end up being the song most ‘gum readers end up associating with this summer.

    • This is the first time I’ve ever logged in to upvote or reply to a post. I just had to because this song wins.

  2. well i guess this summer is going to suck

  3. No Tune-Yards? The hell?

  4. I turned down for Future Islands. I mean VOTED, I voted for Future Islands.

  5. Honestly, what is Stereogum’s problem with Mac Demarco?

    • I’ve thought about this too, they don’t like him. I get it btw, I’m a pretty big fan and I still think he is a little annoying.

      • More than a little… I don’t understand how his latest release managed to compete with Here and Nowhere Else (Cloud Nothings)

        • I personally think he’s hilarious and all his hi jinx contrast very well with the themes and lyrical content of his new album. Plus its just such a good summer album that so full of style and laid back vibes. Oh well, Future Islands it is

      • I like a few of the songs on the new Mac DeMarco album a lot.

        • I remember thinking you guys barely wrote about him when his last album came out but that could have been baseless. Did think it was interesting that not only was “Salad Days” not included in the top 50 albums of the first six months but not a single writer included it in their top omissions.

          Think it’s fair to say ‘Gum isn’t as into Mac as say Pitchfork is. Not a complaint, just an observation…

          • I like Salad Days! There’s just other stuff I liked this year more.

            That said – as a fellow fan of pinball I’ve really respected Mac DeMarco since I saw him mention his love for Simpsons Pinball Party, which is like a Top 5 (maybe Top 3) table for me.

    • Salad Days is my Before Today of 2014.

  6. Steal My Sunshine.

    Somebody had to do it, right? Might as well be me.

  7. Caribou – Can’t do without you??? C’mon man, keep up keep up.

  8. I abstain from voting in protest of picking a song of the summer, before experiencing said summer.

  9. This performance is reason enough to vote for Future Islands.

    I voted for LDR, but it was a toss up between her and Future Islands.

  10. No 311? This list is all mixed up! What a beautiful disaster. At least I can sleep well knowing that you guys won’t control what I listen to during every sunset in July.

  11. In The Valley Below’s song “Peaches” is probably my song of the summer.

  12. Awful lot of pop songs on the list. Not trying to be rockist, but there are multitudes of indie jams that are way better than Summer or Fancy. If you had to include an few obligatory EDM songs, y’all could of at least included Sky Full Of Stars. Also I voted for Jealous( I Ain’t With It), but I’m about as confident that Seasons(Waiting On You) will win the poll as Hillary will win in 2016, i.e. very confident.

    • I don’t even think the people that were into “Ghost Stories” liked Sky Full of Stars all that much.

    • We’re not looking for “the best” song.

      • then what are you looking for? The song that you hear the most times?

        • To me the song of the Summer is a song that best exemplifies the spirit of the season. Being the best song to come out in the Summer isn’t a prerequisite but it is a factor. All my opinion o’ course.

      • Yeah, WE NOTICED. We’ve also noticed that “quality” seems to be of less and less interest to Stereogum lately. Is that why you founded this site? To tell people which songs are on the radio a lot? You do know that Billboard already is a thing that exists, right?

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          • Says who? To me, the “Song of the Summer” is the song that will always remind me of the good times I had in the summer of whatever year it was released, that will continue to grow on me as I get older but always have the power to take me back to those days. That’s a completely personal thing. And the idea that a massive radio hit is “inescapable” is silly and dated. Lots of people get by without radio at all these days, and which music you hear at bars/parties/concerts depends on which kinds of bars/parties/concerts you go to. Also, there are songs that are ubiquitous but too bland to make any real impact – IMO “All of Me” is that song this year, and “Blurred Lines” was that song last year, but you can fill in with your own examples. A song being everywhere does not guarantee that it becomes significant to people. There are plenty of #1 hits that, less than a year out, no one really sees anything special in or memorable about.

          • Ha, when I posted the above I had not even read the full blurb (just voted for Future Islands).

            “we want you to vote for the track that represents this season for you — the song that will always remind you of this time this year”

            So there!

      • Then why didn’t you include Rude by Magic!? That song is god awful, but is probably one of the best answers for this poll.

  13. If you want us to vote for “what this season means to us” then you should’ve included our actual suggestions instead of a few of these shitty choices.

    I know The War On Drugs isn’t “summer music” but it got a lot of votes and obviously means A LOT to us this year.

    • “Red Eyes” does sound great on a warm day. Or a cold day. It basically sounds great every day. But it should still be here.

    • I would have voted for any song on ‘Lost In The Dream’.

      In fact, let’s just delete the track breaks and I’ll vote for the entire album as if it were all one song. In fact, play it twice without stopping and I’ll still vote for it. In fact, play nothing but ‘Lost In The Dream’ on repeat all summer and forget there ever was anything else in the world. No more voting. No more searching for better music. The game is over. Let’s just enjoy the end credits as the universe dissolves.

    • The War On Drugs is like the most summery music, not spending summer at the beach music, but riding in my chevy through the desert kind of music.

  14. I’m going to move to Atlanta and start making the grimiest trap shit and call myself Polldaddy, but spell it Poledaddy because i luv dem strippers.

    Future Islands til the day I die though

  15. So the editors pretty much ignored what was in the comments, just so they could include these pop songs. Like, that Nico and Vinz song was in maybe a few comments, Real Estate was in dozens, but I guess that doesn’t matter. Much less Calvin Harris, Sia, Ariana Grande, and Lil Jon who also had very few nominations.

  16. Well, the Future Islands is a pleasant enough Elton John B-side from 20 years ago…

  17. The list is kind of mediocre, since the only two songs that are remotely worthy are Future Islands and that Ariana Grande song (which is already pretty divisive in itself) (and maybe that Chromeo track…). Plus, a ton of glaring omissions. I know it wasn’t brought up in the comments, but the article itself did bring up “Benz Friendz” by Future and Andre 3000, which is a great summer jam.

    Also, “Turn Down For What” and “Summer” seem weirdly out of place here. Do people actually like Calvin Harris’ weird crackly croon?

  18. Red Eyes
    Can’t Do Without You
    Talking Backwards

  19. Fucked Up got 21 upvotes. Caribou got 52. Real Estate got 50. Mac DeMarco got 25. War on Drugs got 58. Spoon got 26.

    I was under the impression that the 10 suggestions with the most upvotes will comprise the ballot.

    Someday soon we will look back on poptimism with as much embarassment as witch house.

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      • “a Song Of The Summer should have to get played on pop radio I think”

        Does anyone have the list of previous Song of the Summer winners to see if they all meet this standard? I thought Japandroids won two summers ago and I never heard them on pop radio. I can’t recall any other winners besides “Get Lucky”.

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        • proof of how shitty/commercial stereogum has gotten over the past few years…

        • That poll Japandroids won was INDIE SONG OF THE SUMMER

          Last year we dropped the indie part.

          I always thought of Song Of The Summer as the ubiquitous hit that soundtracked the season. It is mainstream by definition. Looking at the last several years, you have things like “Get Lucky,” “Call Me Maybe,” “California Gurls,” “Umbrella,” etc.

          But I realize other people may define it differently, so we still include some indie choices.

          • Then why even have a vote? Which song is “the ubiquitous hit that soundtracked the season” is more or a less a matter of objective fact. “Fancy” is obviously going to be the chart-topper of the summer, so can’t you just run an article – as Billboard did only a matter of weeks ago – crowning it as such?

            A lot of the songs you mention don’t have any resonance whatsoever today. I can’t think of the last time I heard “California Gurls” or “Call Me Maybe” at a party, and even “Umbrella” shows up far less frequently than it used to. I suspect “Get Lucky” will be around for awhile, but it’s honestly too early to tell. But that actually works against your point because in terms of radio play “Blurred Lines” did much bigger business than “Get Lucky.”

          • Ugh, the fact that it’s getting harder to distinguish Stereogum from Billboard honestly pisses me off so much. Unlike a lot of the indie-oriented readers of this site, I do not have any objection to what it called “poptimism.” But there is a difference between observing that popular songs CAN have merit and asserting that popularity IS a merit in and of itself. The latter is a way of speaking power to truth (or at least to taste) and results in an uncritical celebration of whatever happens to be sitting at the top of the pop heap at any given moment.

            Case in point: “Fancy.”

            I was at a party Saturday night where everyone, myself included, went nuts and sang along at the top of their lungs when “Fancy” came on. It is a popular song. And it is a catchy song. And I really like Charli XCX! However, 2/3rds of the song is Iggy Azealea rapping, and I’m inclined to say that no song where she gets more than a guest verse can ultimately be good, for the reason that she is not a good rapper. To the point I made above in:re “resonance,” I cannot imagine a world where anyone gives a fuck about “Fancy” in 2 or 3 years. Maybe that shouldn’t preclude it from being the song of THIS summer, but speaking more broadly, it’s just stupid that this site has become so dedicated to talking up pre-calculated, focused-group radio bait that a song going to #1 is supposed to nullify any argument against it.

          • It’s silly to have a played-on-the-radio requirement for something to be eligible for song of the summer. I mean, people probably listen to internet radio way more than actual radio now anyway, and there’s no real real “overground” or “underground” anymore — it’s all one big mish-mash, with artists and sounds moving back and forth (for better or worse). Also, why bother having a poll to pick an “ubiquitous hit,” since it’ll be pretty obvious what’s “uniquitious”? I want to know what the Stereogum community thinks is the best summary song this summer, not what they think will be endlessly played on the radio (which they’re probably not even that good at judging anyway).

          • Last year someone on the stereogum staff nominated “Dream House”. If Deafheaven can make it’s way onto the poll, then Real Estate and Caribou totally should be able to.

      • If I recall correctly, Deafheaven were on the ballot last year. I would definitely like to know what pop radio stations you guys have in the US

      • Just chiming in with the (completely valid) circlejerk… Japandroids was the obvious song of the summer a couple years ago. The idea that the song of the summer should be a song on pop radio seems really silly. It would be much more interesting to me if the ballot consisted of at least a few more songs that we aren’t going to hear everywhere we go. Most of these songs are “Songs of the Summer” anyway, because we’re going to be subjected to them whether we like them or not.

      • Fuck. This. Shit. I’m out.

      • Can we strike some sort of balance between “Someday soon we will look back on poptimism with as much embarassment as witch house” and “a Song Of The Summer should have to get played on pop radio”? When I think of summer songs, I do tend to think of pop, but I don’t see why it has to be limited to Top 40 songs. If we were taking this poll in 2000, would we really rule out The Avalanches’ “Since I Left You” just because it wasn’t played on pop radio every day? What about Air France’s “Collapsing at Your Doorstep” in 2008, or jj’s “Ecstacy” in 2009? All of those could be called summer pop songs to some extent, even if they weren’t Billboard hits. I just don’t see why we should be forced to choose from such a narrow, somewhat mediocre pool of songs. Maybe you could at least make two lists, one for Least Shitty Top 40 Song of the Summer, and one for Indie Song of the Summer. Or just have one all-inclusive list of choices both popular and indie.

        Also, I like “Fancy” alright, but it’s sure as hell no “Boom Clap”. Plus the summer is still young, and “Boom Clap” is up to #29, so hopefully Charli XCX will finally have a top 10 hit of her own here in the U.S. by the time summer’s over. Yesterday I heard it twice on the radio just by chance, so I’m (p)optimistic that it will continue to climb.

        Short story long, I’m going to abstain from voting for any of the songs on this list. I’m not bitter, I’m just disappointed.

      • Because who doesn’t like a good dog pile?

        In 2013 in the “Let’s Shortlist The Song of the Summer 2013″ post:

        “So this year, we’ve dropped the “Indie” qualifier entirely, and we’re making eligible anything that you guys are listening to.”

        ANYTHING that WE are listening to…

        This year in the “Let’s Shortlist The Song of the Summer 2014″ post:

        “Here’s how this will work: Just like last year, this process begins with you nominating (in the comments section of this post) the tracks that are, in your opinion, the songs of the summer 2014. At the end of this week, we’ll compile all those nominations (the top ten, most likely) and create a ballot, which we’ll all vote on next week.”

        Nothing misleading there. We nominate, you compile. Maury?

      • Then why even bother having the comment thread? Why didn’t you just lift the Billboard Top 10 in its entirety from the start?

        Unless there’s some huge disparity between the average Stereogum reader and the average commenter, I don’t see how you can see this poll as anything besides an embarrassing misstep.

      • I don’t really see how Nico & Vinz is eligible, considering it came out spring 2013.

    • If you’d like to vote from those options, I created a poll over on Google for that purpose.

    • Yeah, I’m with this on the misleading part. I thought this was going to be “Stereogum’s Songs of the Summer 2014″, which I expected would include some oddities and gems from music we’ve been following here since Labor Day 2013. I mean, Japandroids won 2 years ago, so the pop radio argument is invalid.

  20. Hey everyone!

    I made a poll that has the top 10 comments from the nomination page as options! Here it is:

    If enough people vote, I’ll post the “Revised Readers’ Choice” Song of the Summer 2014 to either this week’s or next week’s “Best Comments of the Week” page.

    Please keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve made a poll, so if you notice any issues, please let me know!

  21. Still think the song of the summer is ‘Just a little boy (For Chester Burnett)’ by Swans. Always makes me think of beaches and hot summer days.

  22. Spoon, the best band of the 2000′s (fact? opinion? little bit of both…?) release their first single in 4 years right at the start of summer and it’s not even a candidate here? Everyone should be ashamed of themselves for not up-voting the hell out of that. But hey, at least ‘Turn Down For What’ made the cut, such an inventive song, how did they ever come up with all those creative lyrics?

  23. since we’re dictating the future of this summer, i’d like to submit my vote for a change in the song of the summer for 2012 (or 2011…whenever Real Estate’s Days came out) to Real Estate – It’s Real.


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    • So far “Somethin’ Bad” has peaked at #39 on the Hot 100 before falling down to #79. If it’s going to be a huge hit, it hasn’t happened yet. And most of the reviews of the album, while favorable, have described that song in particular as a misfire.

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        • Look, I don’t really have a dog in this fight because I don’t listen to country and from what I can tell Miranda Lambert seems like an OG. But when a song with two of the biggest female artists in music on it comes out, you can expect it to make a splash simply based on the size of their combined fanbases. But a hit song has to have momentum, and ever since it came out that song has been losing momentum, not gaining it.

          • And if you still think I’m just being a hater you should know that I voted for Carrie during her season of Idol :P

          • I don’t know, the first single “Automatic” is still high on the charts so I think her record company may not have even started pushing “Somethin’ Bad” yet – radio may have just started playing it based purely on public demand.

          • like i don’t think the video’s been released yet.

  25. My brain says “Fancy,” but my heart says Sugar Ray’s “Fly.”

    Seriously, it does. I have a chest tattoo that reads: “All around the world statues crumble for me. Who knows how long I’ve loved you. Everyone I know has been so good to me. Twenty-five years old. My mother: God rest her soul. I just want to fly. Put your arms around me baby. Put your arms around me baby.” I regret nothing.

  26. First things first: My vote is for Do It Again. In my opinion, it’s by far the go-to, hand-in-the-air, ecstatic electro pop jam of the summer. I’ve heard it every time I’ve gone out in the past month and a half, and it definitely has mainstream crossover appeal; I just heard it at the gym for the first time last week (which, considering what is usually played at the gym, is both awesome and terrifying). Also, it’s Royksopp and Robyn, and they are both cool as fuck.

    Second, there seems to be a lot of bellyaching over the inclusions for voting, vs the songs that got lots of upvotes in the shortlist post. I’m not trying to knock anyone’s preferences, or defend for that matter some of the inclusions in the poll (bc yes, I think some are pretty terrible), but let’s just try to remember that we are picking the Song of the Summer, and not our Favorite Song of the Year So Far. The criteria for those are pretty different.

    Like I said, I’m not trying to knock anyone’s taste, but just for example, how could Real Estate’s Talking Backwards be the Song of the Summer? Nothing about it (to me) says summertime. Sure, it’s a good song. But it’s not what I want to hear at a BBQ, or at the beach, or in a car with the windows down. It’s perfectly fine, but it’s not going to define summer 2014. I mean, to me it’s just a nice, if somewhat emotionally bland, indie pop song that kinda sounds like it could’ve been on the Garden State soundtrack from 10 years ago. I feel that same criticism can be applied to Future Islands as well. It’s a pretty good song. Nothing about it says Summer to me at all.

    That said, there were some glaring exclusions on the poll though, like Caribou for example. But even it had been included, my vote is still Do It Again. Cuz it’s a fucking JAM.

    • Do It Again’s fun but what’s with the generic lyrics? Robyn’s lyrics usually set her apart from the vacuousness of other dance music, but these just feel like place-holders, something to hang the melody on.

      • I would say that the lyrics are part of what makes it work so well. On one hand, they do feel vacuous and superficial, to the point where it feels like the song is a tongue-in-cheek parody of all the typical pop/dance songs with lyrics about having fun/dancing all night/ hands in the air like you just don’t care/ and other fill in the blank cliche crap. Then the killer bridge comes along and it changes the entire focus of the song. It works for me, but then again I also don’t put much value on pop song lyrics.

        • I’d agree. By pop standards, I think they’re great lyrics. Simple and concise, but despite their simplicity, they have layers of interpretation, and just enough heartbreak.

        • I just looked up the lyrics and there’s a bit more going on than I realized (something about friends who keep hooking up despite past heartbreak?). Still it’s no “stilettos and broken bottles, spinning around in circles” – that line always kills me.

  27. It’s my first time listening to some of these. That Calvin Harris song is HORRIBLE. Sounds like some slapdash teen movie montage track.

    It’s not on this list, but my song of the summer so far is Cadillac Girl by Only Real. Has a perfect slacker summer vibe. It’s impossible to listen to it in the car without rolling the windows down.

    • I’m not sure how it made the shortlist. I was the first person to suggest it (in jest) on the other thread where we cast our nominations and the overall opinion was -5. OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  28. I’m all for poptimism, but this is a little ridiculous. For starters, that Calvin Harris song is one of the most contrived, dumb attempts at song of the summer ever. “Turn Down for What” is fun, but more of a dumb novelty than a song that defines any particular moment (including, yes, summer). I’m 90% sure no one will remember that Nico & Vinz song even a year from now. Sia’s “Chandelier” is a great song but not particularly summery at all, so again, you guys just chose to include a pop song instead of the ones people actually voted for in the comments.

    So, if this is the direction you guys are going to take, I don’t really care, but just a few suggestions:
    1. If you’re going to nominate pop songs, nominate pop songs that are actually good (like Problem! Problem is great.)
    2. Don’t pretend you’re going to pay attention to what we commented on if you aren’t actually going to, because you clearly didn’t.

    Thank you.

  29. Where the hell is five seconds of summer at!? Damn you Stereogum!

  30. I hate to be ‘that guy’ but what the fuck?

    Why bother asking us if half of the most popular suggestions weren’t included in the actual poll?

    Robyn better win.

  31. I saw the article title and instantly got my other devices out to vote for Caribou. Fuck you guys.

  32. my song of the summer is Wiggle.

  33. That Calvin Harris song may be awful, but two things are certain:

    1) It WILL be the go-to song at all clubby deck-bars with Bud Lite beer specials and bros with neon Ray Bans. So there’s that.
    2) The music video is unintentionally hilarious.

    It seems like we’re missing a really good, catchy pop song like “Get Lucky” or “Blurred Lines” this year in general (or maybe “Happy” just came onto the scene too early?). To be fair to Stereogum, if we DID have options like those, there would be a lot less complaining going on about “poptimism.” On the other hand, the songs that were chosen are generally godawful – especially Iggy Azalea, who just annoys the sh*t out of me.

  34. I voted for Fancy but this would be my choice:
    God’s Whisper by Raury. I want to live inside the song, it is the musical embodiment of summer.

  35. Seasons is more of a song for the end of summer. Unless you’re beginning your summer as a Mets fan. The trimmings of fun with a filling of melancholy.

  36. I thought Cherub, Doses and Mimosas would be on there for sure!

  37. Poptimism is fine, I guess, I don’t know, I don’t really understand it, I just said that cause everyone else is…BUT! This is Stereogum, isn’t it? A site for independent music? Why don’t we leave the main stream radio pop song of the summer to Rollingstone? Shouldn’t the Stereogum song of the summer more reflect our tastes and actual listening habits? Not saying popular songs should be excluded, I just find it strange that it’s a requirement.

  38. This may be due to this site and most of the readers being from the US, but I literally haven’t ever heard over two-thirds of the songs in this list. Seeing almost every song on this list is by a radio friendly top 10 artist, It’s either that they’re not that big outside of the US or that in my country it takes some time for those songs to catch, if they at all do (very possible).

    Anyhow, the couple songs I do know from this list are definitely not “songs of the summer”, at least not what I would define as such. It also kind of saddens me to say that I haven’t heard any song this year that could qualify as such, including one left out of the poll and that most commentators (myself included) posted. Which in reality kinda sucks – I would gladly vote for a “poptimist” song if it was as good as the ones we had last year (Get Lucky even tho it’s got “indie cred”, or Blurred Lines even), but I honestly don’t feel like there was any big pop hit this year that will also stay beyond the upcoming season (except for Let It Go obvs.).

    So to sum it up, my song of the summer will probably be the Pixies’ Debaser, just because I saw them live last week and they were killer.

    • Just to clarify – it’s also possible I haven’t heard some of those songs just because I don’t listen to mainstream radio at all, but fact is I’ve never even heard of over half of them!
      I’d reckon a big pop hit (if that’s what we’re going for) was at least something someone with little musical awareness would hear about even if he lives far from the US (not to talk about someone who spends half their time reading and discussing music), so I still find that kinda odd

      • It may be that you haven’t heard a lot of these songs because the only people who have listened to all of these songs have been subjected to them rather than choosing to listen to them (i.e., they’re shit).

    • I haven’t heard 6/10 of these either. But despite being ‘hip’ to a lot of music, I also have massive blind spots, especially when it comes to dance and hip-hop.

  39. What, exactly, would I be turning down for, my good sir?

    • Someone called my job last month and said, “Hey, can I ask you a serious question?” I told him to go ahead, in my most concerned voice, believing that the caller might’ve had an issue with the service.


      Then he hung up.

    • I just want to introduce the notion, rj, after having watched the video, which clearly borrows heavily from Kung Fu Hustle, that the thesis of this one line manifesto is to engage thy neighbor (who might otherwise encourage you to “turn it down”, or even convince the police to encourage you to “turn it down”), thereby tearing down the societal walls that separate us and uniting the masses under the flag of twerk, or whatever the kids are calling it now. Especially if you happen to be wearing sweatpants.

  40. Goodbye Stereogum.

  41. I would like to say that it was not my idea to include Sylvan Esso in the ‘Gum reader’s comment thread, but I would make a strong argument for Hey Mami as a second to Seasons Change.

    Also, I would like to believe that the reason for choosing 9/10 of the songs in the survey was to ensure that Seasons Change was the winner (as was mentioned above).

    However, that might be giving Stereogum a bit too much credit.

  42. oh, Chromeo! i wasn’t even thinking about them for this. that jam is great, i wish it was actually up on the charts and all the young sprites were singing it off key as they run along for their ice pops so i could confidently vote for it here. i gotta think about this

    also, i wish “Ain’t it Fun” had made the cut. i mean, “Fancy” came out in February too. Sorry, Chrisella DeVille, we tried

    we tried

  43. I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.

  44. What, no Summer Lovin by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta? Blasphemy!

  45. Chromeo better win this easily, it’s definitely the best song of the summer and they’re the best band out of that terrible list. Yes even better than Future Islands.

  46. This poll and and it’s comments is a really interesting look at what happens when a music blog starts to alienate its core community. I’m not saying ‘Down with Stereogum!’ or whatever. It’s just a funny look at a site making a little mishap with what was supposed to be an engaging discussion, but instead kind of backfired, and made this community feel like this ‘activity’ was not made for them.

    • its part a much longer trend at stereogum, not just one misstep

    • It’ll be interesting to see how SG fares if it continues to alienate it’s core followers (of which I consider myself one). I’ve been watching the pop thing churn on this site for a year or more now. And it’s really, really annoying. Obviously SG has to do what they have to do to pay the bills. And I fully understand it. I sell for a living and I can assure you of one thing I’ve learned after doing what I do for over 20 years…..the road to ruin is paved with alienating those that were with you when you were nobody. I have customers that would run through fire for me, as I would for them. And it comes from years of doggedly making sure their every need is met. Sh!t like “The Week in Pop” infuriate me. I’m sure some would say “what’s the big deal? It’s just one article every week. Get over yourself”. To which I would reply “Here’s one squirt of piss in your beer. What’s the big deal?”

  47. I voted for Sia, but for the record, “Talking Backwards” is the song of the summer.

  48. RiFF RaFF – Versace Python

  49. Thanks for taking into account my Nico & Vinz suggestion despite having a score of -3!
    Good to see you do care about the comments.

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