Few acts in popular music have the stability of Death Grips, so it’s a great shock to see the band have called it quits! Or they’re fucking with us! Or their shit got hacked! Either way, the band just posted a note on their Facebook page announcing their demise, along with a photo of that note written on a napkin. Here’s what they said:

we are now at our best and so Death Grips is over. we have officially stopped. all currently scheduled live dates are canceled. our upcoming double album “the powers that b” will still be delivered worldwide later this year via Harvest/Third Worlds Records. Death Grips was and always has been a conceptual art exhibition anchored by sound and vision. above and beyond a “band”. to our truest fans, please stay legend.

Man, “all currently scheduled live dates are canceled.” Hard to believe this is the last time we’ll hear those words from Death Grips!

UPDATE: Trent Reznor reacts:

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  1. yessssssssssssssssssssss

  2. OR DO THEY derp dee derpy derp derp

  3. I knew deep down that Death Grips opening for Soundgarden/NIN was too good to be true.

    At the pace they were releasing albums, the well had to dry up sooner than later.

    • I have tickets for Red Rocks and was really looking forward to seeing the reactions of the Soundgarden fans I’m going with to Death Grips’ set. Should have known this would happen though…

  4. they couldn’t just stick it out for one more tour, one more hoorah? and a high-profile one, at that.
    I know they just said they weren’t so much “a band,” but seriously guys? what the hell else are you doing that you can’t just finish what you committed to?
    the fact that they bailed while still being lucky enough to be able to do their “art” in public at all is just retarded. especially so after being notoriously cancel-happy with shows.
    Why not enjoy being at your best for a little while? Lord knows there ain’t much money involved anyway, so you might as well savor it while it’s there.
    Ugh, I dunno.
    These guys annoyed me anyway. I guess i just didn’t get it.

  5. Finally. Now we can all stop pretending that these guys were in any way listenable.

  6. Seems like all the greats break up via napkin announcement. There’s Death Grips, my seventh grade girlfriend and I, uh… well that’s about it, but still, it’s a powerful medium.

  7. I know the joke of the day’s going to be “LOL YOU CAN’T TRUST DEATH GRIPS”, but if this is true, I completely support this decision. They’ve made some of the most challenging, engaging, and cathartic music ever written, and I would rather see this band go out with that reputation among their fans than continue to make worth using a shtick that will inevitably become dated.


    • shit, did I say dated? I meant PREDICTABLE.

    • “They’ve made some of the most challenging, engaging, and cathartic music ever written”

      Except that’s an entirely false statement.

      • No, it really isn’t. Death Grips’ music practically dares you to like it, it bets that you won’t play this in your car with other people because you have to be strange as hell to think it’s good. It’s a big fat “fuck you” to anything and every one, which, when Death Grips premiered, was a very welcomed sentiment directed at the indie and popular music industries.

        It’s cathartic because when Death Grips premiered, the indie music landscape was becoming this chillout fashion lifestyle-oriented hang session with sexy people making sexy music and no bad vibes allowed. Twin Sister, Toro y Moi, Youth Lagoon, Lower Dens, all of that stuff was inescapable and it’s the fucking worst. All of the big music sites were championing these artists and their records, and I didn’t want to listen to it. I wanted to listen to the exact opposite of it. Then came Death Grips, and it was the solution. And then they released five albums in three years.

        Is Death Grips for everyone? Hell no. God no. I’m still in shock my girlfriend didn’t leave me after she almost got knocked in the face at one of their shows I dragged her along to. But after we left she told me, “I’ve never seen anything like that in my entire life.” And that’s why this “band” is important.

        • They’re certainly not the first band to do things no one has ever seen. Every Beatles record was filled with examples. Grandmaster Flash. Iggy Pop. Hell, Tommy Iommi loses a bit of finger in an accident, and it changes the way he plays guitar, inventing heavy metal. One of those Cleveland proto punk bands used to play a lawnmower on stage.

          Doing something no one has seen has little merit. In most cases its yield is bad. Doing something no one has seen, and doing it well – that’s where there’s value.

          • The point I was trying to make isn’t that Death Grips is the first band to do things that no one has ever seen, just that any band that gets that reaction out of people is a band that’s worth your attention. Whether or not Death Grips in particular does it well is a matter of taste. I happen to think they do.

  8. OH!
    they should just have an empty stage with a drum kit and their album over the PA as an opener!

  9. Great Job!

  10. Well at least the comedy is over now, no more “we hate mainstream/majors but we do a clip produced by MTV and get a contract with Epic records”, no more “Let’s put out a mixtape with a dick on the cover to get some media coverage and piss off our label”, no more “let’s make people watch a fake show with no one on stage when they payed to see us”, and “let’s cancel our tour cause fuck this we don’t owe anyone anything”.
    I’m pretty sure even though they disrespected their fans until the end, those fans are gonna clap and buy into the whole “oh it’s an art project so it all makes sense for us to be treated like morons”.

    • I understand things come to an end and I’m not a very big death grips fan but its seems obvious that the decent thing to do would be to at least finish your scheduled dates. I have a buddy whose a huge Death Grips nerd and a big part of his reason for going to FYF this year was to see them again. So he’s pretty bummed and I for one would be pissed if I spent that kind of money and now my favorite band isn’t going to perform for the thousands of people who supported them and made them the “stars” they are in the first place

    • “those fans are gonna clap and buy into the whole “oh it’s an art project so it all makes sense for us to be treated like morons”.”

      I’m a Death Grips fan; not because of their headline-whoring pretense but because I found their music to be exhilarating. It’s hard to describe my appreciation without sounding like a dork but I think what draws me to their work is how they dabbled so seamlessly between both the low- and high-brow, all the while making a remarkable amount of memorable beats and hooks with an aesthetic that was shamelessly unpolished but never too arduous to endure. As cheesy as it sounds, I would go so far as to say that they were one of the only (or last) groups who earned famed while truly deserving the indie/alternative label.

      But for some reason, I’m not crying over this news; maybe because these hooligans are so unpredictable that nothing is definite. Let’s just be glad that no band-member has died, which would have seemed like a more likely end to Death Grips.

    • it’s cool man, you don’t have to like them. just because they get hella attention doesn’t mean you have to like them. think for yourself man, you’re a golden baby, just because a few “elite” people are saying listen to DG, doesn’t mean you have to bb. fuck them man. I like them but that’s because they’re for people like me. Everyone’s different and we’ll all form our own opinions in time.:)

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  12. RIP Death Grips.

    In lieu of flowers, please send pictures of your penis.

  13. In the last three years they’ve released 5 albums and have kept me satisfied when it comes to experimental weird shit. They entertained and pissed me off a lot of times too. Each new album sounded more radical and crazier than the previous one but they had my attention every time a new album dropped. Despite all the fuckery and excuses like “oh, its art”, I do believe they are one of the most interesting groups in the 21st century so far.

  14. DG were an amazing and generously prolific band that produced some of the most future-forward music of the 21st century. They kept it accessible enough to attract new fans and challenging enough to turn those new fans into listeners of shit they never thought they might be into in the first place. I couldn’t ever really care less about these “antics” that, apparently, got them so much publicity. The music was always there, and it was always bringing something new to the table. So it turns out, after all was said and done, we’re left with the music, and i get the feeling not a whole lot of the other stuff will be remembered. Much respect goes out to the 3 dudes in this project and i’m down for whatever the hell they decide to do. Yet, something tells me they could always be back sooner than later… Whatever, props to this group.

  15. Did not see that coming…

  16. See you at the crossroads, crossroads, crossroads

    Or Coachella 2015

  17. lol too funny

  18. I look at their break up like i do the “retirement” of most elite athletes. The first salvo in a long and protracted series of “comebacks”. All geared towards extricating money from their fanbase bank accounts.

    I do not buy shit on principle AFTER one of these breakups.

    I look forward to their first comeback approximately 1 year from today.

    • yeah bro, DG really were all about that cheddar

    • *4/5 of their albums were released by DG for free (like…you don’t even get the option to “name your price” and give them money just because you’re feeling generous)
      *Including the shows cancelled by their breakup, I believe that makes 3 tours cancelled by DG thus far
      *I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they’re in serious debt due to their shenanigans with Epic
      *last I heard, Zach Hill and Ride were technically homeless

      Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make more money from selling “Death Classic” T-shirts than they do from playing music.

      • I once read a study done at Yale regarding “conflict”. This was a very broadstroke study about the general concept of conflict. From a husband leaving the toilet seat up and infuriating the wife all the way to the ongoing dilemma regarding the Gaza Strip region. And all points of conflict in between.

        The conclusion was 95-97% of all conflict boils down to money. I think you can safely round that up to about 99% if anybody in the equation says anything along the lines of “it’s not about the money”. Cuz it’s always about the money.

        If you think Death Grips wasn’t about the money you are being naive. There business model (and I’m sure it pains many to hear that term associated with them) WORKS. They are the cover story on most indie sites this morning. And long term this generates them money.

        I personally didn’t care for the band. But that’s just a matter of taste. What they did speaks for itself and more than likely has the legs to stand up to the ravages of time. But if you genuinely think people give away music “for free” ….uh, no.

        • Honestly confused here. How does it generate them money if they don’t sell their music or tour? Where do they make money in this equation?

        • Since when does a band appearing as the “cover story” on the internet make them any money?

        • yeah but that’s a Yale study, we’re talking about Death Grips there, i see what you’re saying tho, and I agree but even in these days if you’re a musician and you’re giving away music, you got something else to sell. Money Store is the only album that wasn’t released for free but after what they did to Epic, they probably don’t even see royalties from that. No Love was made available but who is really going to buy that? i did but I know most won’t. They definitely aren’t making a living from touring. And after all the shady industry stuff they’ve done? you know they’re in fucking debt. Of course there’s Riff Raff and Lil B who give away all their shit. but those guys are more down to play by the rules, and nothing against them cause they’re great in their own way. They’ll be making money cause they’re gonna do that verse, or they’ll play that show, and you know they’re down for private booking, but Death Grips doesn’t do that. I know you’re fairly ignorant to death grips and you’d love to immediately attribute their actions to money cause of your personal corrupted views and you want to project that on to them to ease your guilt. but they’re the real deal man. trust me. I lived a few blocks down from them in late 2011. they’re basic ass dudes, BASIC ass dudes, but their ideas are truly out there, i don’t understand them, i just try to take what I can. i couldn’t really hold a conversation with them for too long without getting a little lost or confused but they’re nice people. i really think their views of art are fuckked and corrupted, but also very pure, they’re great

  19. Will we still get the break down of The 10 Best Death Grips Songs?

  20. going out strong true punk art.

  21. Surprised this break-up note wasn’t scrawled on a penis.

    • i feel like if this was the first comment on the page it would’ve been upvoted within an inch of its life. here’s hoping it gets the reception it deserves.

  22. This just made Fun Fun Fun Fest the Fun Fun but a little less Fun Fest. OWWWOOOOOOO!

  23. Well, at least I can look back and say I was there when Death Grips was a thing. I imagine it’ll be like someone who was there to experience The Sex Pistols during the couple years that they were a band. And like The Sex Pistols they were their own little moment.

    I got to see them live once. It was a tiny venue in Detroit (there’s actually a Pitchfork interview with the band that they did over a payphone right outside the venue) and the put on a wild fucking show. Best part was probably waiting outside for the doors to open, looking to my right through the window, and being face-to-face with MC Ride as he was waiting in line to order a pizza. It was so surreal.

    You could say that they were gimmicky, immature, or douchey for the stunts that they pulled, but I don’t think you can deny that it was intriguing while it lasted and that the full scope of their activities (from dick pic covers, to surprise albums, to cancelled tours, and getting kicked from a major label) wasn’t totally in-line with the kind of aesthetic they had from the start . They were always volatile, shadowy, and somewhat playful. Their entire career was one big guerrilla campaign and they legitimately seemed like they lived completely for their art.

    People may have hated them, but I honestly cannot think of another contemporary band that made being an avid music fan as fun as they did. They somehow managed to exist almost solely through the internet while providing an experience completely unhindered by the internet (no album leaks, embarrassing tweets, boring PR campaigns, viral videos, etc.)

    May you hustle in peace, Death Grips.

    • Well said. I have compared death grips to the sex pistols myself here. I hope they stay broken up. My favorite band break up ever is Big Black. I love that they did their thing and broke up on their own terms. (Yes, I know they played the touch & go anniversary, that was justified). Anyway, glad you got to see them and can appreciate them for what they were. That is what music is all about.

    • Did Death Grips ever release a song as good, and potent as Anarchy In The UK? In 10, 15, 25 years, will they be the flag bearers of a musical movement as cataclysmic and important as punk? If so, what is that musical movement because it seems people still struggle trying to tie down their sound.

      I get what you’re saying, but comparing them to the Sex Pistols is aiming way too high. The reader below that responded, mentioning Big Black, that’s more the ball park.

  24. With all the antics it takes a second to remember that Death Grips released some music way back when.

  25. I get the breaking up because you feel like you think you’ve reached the peak of your creative output, but at least play the shows you’ve committed to. And I know this shouldn’t surprise me considering their track record, but it still pisses me off that I committed financially and emotionally to seeing them in twelve days and now I won’t :(

    • Unless all three of them would have shown up in concert, I can say that you aren’t missing much.

      Their Montreal show was beguilingly bad; it featured only MC Ride and Zach Hills (who was playing with an electronic drumset that had a certain lack of skins) and Ride mostly let the prerecorded track play over his half-rapped vocals. Pitiful.

      • but you know they fucken knock when it’s all 3 and zach has a full kit with a snare that is actually clipped on. they were probably going to do that had they toured. they were probably going to come hard, had they toured. it’s basic, lol

  26. Aww, shame. The Money Store is such a great album.

  27. “Death Grips Cancel Break-Up, Leak Angry Emails from Death Grips”

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  29. Thank god, never rated them.

  30. I KNEW I should have bought the insurance on my tickets… n e 1 want 3rd row in Dallas?

  31. their existence was a momentary lapse of reason r.i.p.

  32. who?

    okay that’s fine.

  33. Darn. Now will never the answer to the question: Were they going to play Vegas or Toronto on July 19th. Or neither. Or BOTH???

  34. Fuck them anyways. Any group that treats their fans the way these guys did shouldn’t have made it as far as getting to tour with NIN and Soundgarden. I only listened to a little bit of their music before I got to read about all their asshattery. Glad they are gone, they were that good anyways…

  35. I could be insanely wrong here (and I’m quite sure y’all are gonna let me know all about just how wrong I am) but Death Grips strikes me as the kind of band that the buzz gets so huge around folks think they “should” like it. I tried to listen to it and found it incoherent, albeit very excited, gibberish.

    It would sincerely make my day if just one person in the Stereogum universe admitted they acted like they liked this band when they really found it to be unlistenable dregs.

    I’ll start the ball rolling…….I really, really, really hate Swans. Whew. That felt great.

    Anybody else feel like admitting they hate a band that everybody else tells them they should love?


    • Before the buzz, I listened to “The Money Store” expecting a great album to get me jacked up for a concert I was on my way to. I was very confused by the time I arrived. Everyone says “The Money Store” is the best Death Grips album, but I’ve barely listened to it since it came out. I did re-listen to “NO LOVE DEEP WEB” last night, in honor or their break up. Even though I’ve never been a huge fan, I’ll defend the last two songs on that album forever. “Bass rattles stars out the sky” into “Artificial death in the west” is an incredible way to close out an album, no matter how grating the previous tracks were.

      I can’t think of a particular BAND I hate that I should like. I mean I love SALEM and I guess I’m supposed to hate them, but that’s the inverse.

      Best I can do is repeat (oh man here come the downvotes) my complete distaste of LCD’s “This Is Happening”. That record is such a fucking let down, I really hoped it wasn’t going to be his last album. When it turned out it was, I really felt left out. I LOVE his first two albums, but I can’t stand “This Is Happening” and especially “Dance Yrself Clean”

      You’re right. It does feel good to get out.

      • Holy Cow! I feel that way about the entire LCD disography! I really am a slave to reviews and such. And when an artist gets almost universal praise I genuinely think there’ s something wrong with ME if I don’t get it. And I know how lame that is. I short list….

        LCD (‘cept that Daft punk is playing at my house. Cuz that S is awesome blossom)
        Radiohead (Karma Police be damned)
        Wilco (everything after Being There)
        Animal Collective (everything after the minute they formed)
        Pavement (yup, I said it)
        TV On The Radio (Peter Gabriel called. He wants his everything back)

        I feel like I just gave birth to a very large and very overrated baby.

        • I nominate myself for biggest ASS in SG history for the following comment…..

          That last sentence in my above post is the funniest thing I’ve ever written.
          Who praises their own posts!?!?! ME. King of the A-holes, that’s who!

          I’m rummy, gang. Ready for the damn weekend.

          • Dude, it’s okay that you don’t like critically acclaimed bands. I think Arcade Fire sucks ass, You don’t have to front man, just be yourself, quit being a pussy. learn to think for yourself. You’re getting closer by telling us how much you suck for not liking the bands that everybody does, it’s okay man. just because we truly like these bands does not mean you do too. You’re a golden baby man, it’s okay. We’ll listen to our death grips and tv on the radio and lcd soundsystem discography, you’ll listen to what you do and we’ll all be okay :)

    • Dude, this happens all the time. I genuinely like so called “difficult” or abrasive music. There are bands featured here all the time that I check out and find incredibly boring or unlistenable. Future Islands, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and Vampire Weekend are just a few bands that come to mind.

      Sometimes the music press wets their pants over a band and they just don’t do it for me. It happens. I come to the defense of bands like Death Grips or Swans because these are bands that I actually enjoy listening to. Most people like to have their opinion validated every once in a while and I am no different. There is nothing wrong with you if you don’t like Swans or Vampire Weekend. Hell, I don’t even like Daft Punk. Talk about feeling left out.

    • Perfect Pussy is the current Queen of the “media machine album that no one actually likes”

      I really really really don’t get the Perfect Pussy praise.

  36. Wait, so is the second of half of their album still on?

  37. So many people trying to explain why people like Death Grips with all of these complicated theories and what not, you’re trying too hard. For some insight I’ll let you know what it was like the first time I heard them. Saw a post on Facebook with a link to download The Money Store a few days after it came out, so I downloaded it. Pressed play on “Get Got” and I was immediately sucked in. Their music may be pretty experimental and different as far as hip-hop (?) goes, but honestly it’s not that inaccessible. I can easily see why people don’t like it, but I think it’s also pretty easy to see what people like about their music too.

  38. Good. They were utterly unlistenable.

  39. Well that sucks. Hope I get a refund on my tickets.

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