Weezer - "Back To The Shack"

Weezer debuted the new song “Back To The Shack” on the Weezer Cruise back in February. Many suspected that song would appear on the band’s forthcoming LP, Everything Will Be Alright In The End, and those suspicions have been confirmed. Today — in one of the few instances of Weezer not using their YouTube channel to dribble out details of the new album — the band announced “Back To The Shack” would serve as Everything Will Be Alright In The End’s lead single, and they premiered the studio version of the song on KROQ, followed by “radio stations throughout the country.” And now, you can spin it here.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End is out 9/30 via Republic. Pre-order it here.

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  1. if the record rocks and has solos as interesting as this one, then it should be a good album! lyrics about rocking in a rock band, notwithstanding.

    also, ace production from Ric

  2. i have always loved every weezer single on some level. pork and beans just popped on the chorus, even hash pipe and i cant stop partying had so much ironic value. this isn’t doing much for me. seems like the worst of both worlds ? and this is coming from a guy who liked hurley and owns every single freaking weezer record including that garbage heap make believe.

    • is it me or do ppl dogpile on make beleive cuz other ppl dogpile on make believe, like its the thing to do. how can you love everything weezers done, including raditude and hurley and then shit on make believe. doesnt make any sense to me.

      • I think the only way to appreciate “Raditude” and “Hurley” is if you accept that “Make Believe” is total garbage. It’s not so much a dog pile as it is a mutual agreement that “Make Believe” was rock bottom and everything else HAS to be better than that.

        If the song “We Are All on Drugs” isn’t rock bottom, what is?

        • where’s my sex? that’s rock bottom.

        • everybody get dangerous everybody get dangerous
          everybody get dangerous everybody get dangerous

          Raditude was completely forgettable, Hurley not so much, Red starts off promising and then goes downhill. I never really gave Make Believe any time. This track is -OK-, have neutral expectations. At least it’s not giving false hope.

        • Raditude is their rock bottom. There is nothing redeeming about it. At least make belive has perfect situation, and a couple other decent tunes. I can’t think of one semi-decent song on raditurd.

        • But like, we are all on drugs. Tens of millions on over-prescribed and unnecessary pills of one kind or another, meth is still an epidemic all over the country, pot becoming legalized left and right, not to mention cigarettes and alcohol. I always kind of got that song, I guess.

        • haha i was just thinking about how lame We Are All On Drugs is the other day. I remember when Make Believe came out one of my friends got it and we were all looking at the lyrics commenting on how unbelievably bad they were.

      • I kind of agree with you. The big problem with Make Believe is that its two worst songs (I’m talking about We Are All On Drugs and Beverly Hills) were the ones pushed out to radio.

        But Perfect Situation, This is Such a Pity, Pardon Me? Great songs.

    • Make Believe ruled. 4th best Weez album. Pinker>Blue>Maladroit>Make Believe>Green>Red>Rad>Hurley

    • But, but, ‘Make Believe’ has one classic in “This Is Such a Pity.”

  3. Sounds like the same vapid crap. Snooze.

  4. Rivers’ voice kind of irritates me on the recent albums. I don’t know if it’s because of the production or his age or whatever, but his singing just sounds so much better on Blue and Pinkerton.

    • well those records were ya know, 20 years ago.

      but i know what you mean….it sounds higher and a bit shrill sometimes. a lot that must have to do with how front and center in the mix his vocals are. they make no secret of aiming for the radio and thats what you gotta do.

  5. Sometimes a band just represents a specific time in my life. This band is one of them. It doesn’t really matter what anything new sounds like…I am dead to it.

    Dear Weezer…”It’s not you, it’s me”

  6. It’s a solid tune.

    Everybody should shutup

  7. Fuck. Hurley was really good. I defended some of the songs on Red. I even liked half of Make Believe. This just sucks. The chorus does absolutely nothing for me. At the very least, I was expecting something catchy.

  8. Can we still give money to the guy trying to stop Weezer?

  9. I stopped paying attention after the Green Album. I think I dl’d the red album (another color album?!? I’m game!) and listened to it once. Everything I’ve caught since has sounded the same to me. Pinkerton is the only Weezer album that ever got alot of play from me anyways. *shug*

  10. This is a latest period’s average Weezer song. Nothing to be excited about, unfortunately. I think I even preferred ‘Memories’ and ‘Ruling Me’ over this one. The only improvement is in the production job. The guitars in the intro made me hope for a better song but the chorus is too generic and I agree with the comment above that Rivers’ voice has changed in a bad way. Now, it has a nasal character that makes it sound like it naturally comes with its own embarked auto-tune. Let’s wait until September but I’m not really optimistic about the result.

  11. Interesting. I felt like I was listening to an apology letter of releasing 14 years of shit.

    • Totally, I love the “Rockin out like it’s ’94 line…” I would compare this to KoL’s recent effort. A band chasing its own shadow but in a cool self aware way.

      • By that I mean lead Supersoaker was solid, rest of album pretty bad. As I’d predict this will be. (Not suggesting Mechanical Bull was an enjoyable listen. And lyrics were most part horribly dry and piteous. But Supersoaker’s “I like sentimental girls sometimes” was I thought a fun nod to KoL’s insane illustrious great now shrugged off and ridiculed run as The Badass American Rock Band).

  12. This is the Weezer equivalent of the Beach Boys’ “Do It Again”, only more misguided and worse.

    Off to a great start with this new album!

    • That’s pretty much the perfect comparison. Increase late-period River’s nasality a couple more notches and maybe he could pass for Mike Love…

  13. It is a solid tune and I like the sentiment, but the production sound a right muddy mess to my ears. Maybe its just the youtube upload and the album will sound better.

  14. The best songs don’t tell me what you are going to do, they just do it.

  15. Somewhere Matt Sharp is turning in his grave…

    why even have a sliver of hope with these fucking guys. ugh.

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  18. I guess I don’t hate it. Anyway, I’m so glad I get the Blue Album at Riot Fest. At least I won’t be standing there shaking my head. It’d be nice to have some Pinkerton too but we can’t ‘go back to 94′ as Rivers puts it.

  19. I really really like this. Kind of corny but whatever, powerful hook and feel good vibe all around. Would go great on a mix with Weezer’s most catch and some Free Energy.

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  21. “Fools paradise,” by DonTonna:

    Every time.
    “Maybe this time will be different.”
    Remember the past?
    Can we go back?
    We can only go back,
    back to the shack.
    And the shack
    is full of shit.


  22. Does this song remind anyone of Sugar Ray’s “Fly”? The verse is…pretty similar, with a more straight-up beat.

  23. This isn’t bad. Very good musically, lyrics are a little hokey but I can live with them. Hopefully its not the best song on the album though.

    Raditude and Make Believe are Weezer’s two worst albums. We are All on Drugs is their worst single. Hurley is a little underrated (though it has a couple of duds). Red album is very underrated if you include the bonus tracks (which are vintage 90s Weezer quality).

  24. this song is bad.

  25. i’m glad i’m old enough that the blue and pinkerton were completely meaningless to me when they came out and i was able to enjoy the band without any attachment to my youth and no expectations of what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

    p.s. the green and blue are my favorites. pinkerton…not so much.

  26. Make Believe was bad because it was presented as a return to form and with a lot of hype and tons of airplay. While Red, Raditude and Hurley were clearly about trying something new. Those records were fun. And also pretty bad btw, although I really liked some of their songs.

    Make Believe had stupid, superficial lyrics about very big personal themes, whereas everything after that just had stupid lyrics about stupid things. Give me Slurpee Rivers instead of Serious Rivers Dumbing Down His Songs everyday.

    This new record has the potential to be a new Make Believe. It will probably be another Red though. With some nice old school quality work (Angel and the One, Pork n Beans, Dreamin’) and some really really bad tunes (Everybody Get Dangerous, Cold Dark World, Heart Songs). In the best scenario it’s a mixture of Green and Maladroit.

  27. Is this really what Weezer thinks classic Weezer sounds like? Geez……

  28. lol this song

  29. I haven’t enjoyed much of Weezer’s post-Pinkerton output but I’ve also never cared enough to rage against it. They were good, now they’re not — it’s a pretty standard rock story.

    But I personally find the whole “MEMBA DIS?!” nostalgia-pushing vibe of this song (and “Memories”) to be really cynical and off-putting. It’s sad to think that people in their 30s are already falling into the self-congratulatory nostalgia trap that has always made baby boomers so insufferable. ’94 wasn’t that long ago, and I don’t need to be jerked off by some guy on the radio assuring me how much cooler my teenage years were than everybody else’s. It’s just such an obvious bit of targeted marketing and it’s a drag that it was written by the dude who wrote “El Scorcho”.

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