Kurt Cobain

What if all the angst and aggression of grunge were filtered through the sound chips of the very same video-game systems those artists grew up on? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves many, many times, but finally someone has done something about it. The Youtube channel Filthy Frackers has crafted an animated medley of grunge’s greatest hits, reworked so they could fit nicely on an NES and paired with some fun visuals (that’s 8-bit Kurt Cobain in the picture above singing “In Bloom”). It’s not hitting the masterpiece chiptune levels of something like Ducktales or Megaman 2, but it’s definitely fun to pretend this is what Rock Band would have sounded like had it come out in 1993. Check it out.

(via Grungebook)

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  1. Rusty Cage actually sounds pretty awesome in 8bit, like it belongs in Contra or something.

  2. I’m about to be that guy

    Um, why? Chiptune covers of songs are uploaded somewhere on the internet literally every day and they’re always lazy and silly. And then whenever someone actually writes a story about it, Ducktails or Mega Man 2 always get namedropped because, chances are, the author knows nothing about video games and probably Googled “best NES songs” even though if you’re talking about fantastic music of games from that era, you just can’t beat Akumajou Densetsu or like the Kirby’s Adventure soundtrack or something.

    alright, peace.

    • We thought the video had value because there was a really entertaining animation made with it. If it were just a song as you said, it wouldn’t be as newsworthy.

      Secondly, DuckTales and Mega Man 2 are namedropped frequently because they are that great, but they’re also so iconic which is why they seemed to fit better. Personally I like Mega Man 3 more than 2 as a score (and a game, but that’s neither here nor there), and Kirby’s Adventure is just below Metroid for my favorite NES music.

      I actually do know some things about video games! You implied as much a couple weeks ago when I was talking about Grim Fandango in a post and I was very happy someone appreciated that!


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