Back in April, Billy Corgan announced that the Smashing Pumpkins’ divisive 1998 LP, Adore, would be reissued with tons of bonus material, and now, we’ve got one of the album’s session’s unreleased songs, the Rick Rubin-produced “Let Me Give The World To You” (a different version of which eventually appeared on Machina II). It sounds way more like a Mellon Collie outtake than anything on the dour, gothy Adore, and in my opinion, that’s a good thing! It’s a really good song, something Billy Corgan used to crank out on an hourly basis back in the ’90s. Listen.

The Adore box set is out 9/23 and you can pre-order it here.

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  1. Ya know, I think I like the Machina II version better. I find this one a little too slow and “tame,” if that’s the right word to use. The later version was at least a little more lively. That said, this probably could have been a more notable hit for them in 1998, but hearing it I understand why it was left off the album; doesn’t seem to fit. But I may still prefer it to “Perfect,” which I skip almost every time.

  2. Rick Rubin has a lot of talent, but he has a tendency to make RICK RUBIN RECORDINGS rather than getting out of the way and letting the band sound like themselves.

    Sometimes this can really work. For example, the Mars Volta’s first album sounds like a recording of a much more interesting band than the one that actually toured to support it. And his decision to pare Tom Petty’s sound down to syncopated drums with minimal strumming and overlays gave songs like “Walls” and “You Don’t Know How It Feels” a much fresher feel than anyone expected.

    But in cases like this, all I see is Rick behind the glass, stroking his beard and cranking the RICK knob up to 11. Just a really really weak recording.

  3. Its a very nice song, but “tame as John put it is the perfect word. reminds me nothing of melon collie as the article claims.

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