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  • Jailed Meth Offender Convinces Police He's Scott Weiland For A Whole Month
Jason Michael Hurley (L), Scott Weiland (R)

TMZ reports that Scott Weiland has been in jail for the last month, charged with burglary and felony possession of a controlled substance. The former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer made the mistake of trying to shoplift razors from a Beverly Hills Rite Aid:

When a security guard tried stopping him, Scott breezed out, but not for long. Cops nabbed him down the block, searched him and found what they say was methamphetamine. 

We’re also told Scott pulled the celeb card, telling cops, “I’m Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots.”

It didn’t work.  He’s been in jail the last 4 weeks on $95,000 bond.

BTW … as for why the charge was burglary instead of simple theft … cops say he entered with the intent of stealing, and their proof is that he carried an “insulated” bag which prevents censors from going off.

“I’m Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots” is one of the worst things you can tell a cop.

Weiland was fired then sued by his STP bandmates early last year. He’s been touring with his new band the Wildabouts since then and just last month told a Canadian reporter, “Those days of my dope abuse, and use, are long since by me.”

Those who are curious why Weiland hasn’t posted bail should refer to another Canadian interview from last month. In it he discusses how Velvet Revolver rejected his offer to reunite for “easy money” before enumerating how Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, and Dave Kushner do not need the money as much as he does.

Here’s video of Weiland performing the new song “Beach Pop Rock” in Toronto just over a month ago.

UPDATE: According to’s database, Weiland was arrested and booked on 7/26. He was housed at Men’s Central Jail in L.A., but apparently posted bail because a barber at Shorty’s Barber Shop shared this photo from Weiland’s visit on 8/9. The singer’s next court date (again according to LASD) is 8/26.

UPDATE 2: Weiland has shared a video response to the “nice piece of fiction” about his arrest. In it he promises, “TMZ, you’ll be hearing from my attorneys.” Watch:

TMZ stands by their story: “We just spoke to a rep for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. who tells us, ’He is definitely in custody. We did a physical check on that inmate and he is currently in custody.’”

UPDATE 3: It wasn’t Scott Weiland who was arrested, it was an imposter! He’s still in jail but L.A. County sheriffs don’t know who he really is. TMZ reports…

This story is unbelievable — Sheriffs tell us they believe a Scott Weiland impersonator is currently behind bars … and claim he looks identical to the singer … including his trademark red hair.

We’re told once TMZ called cops after the real Scott posted online video calling BS on his arrest — they went and confronted the unknown man and established he was a knockoff.

The sheriffs — who are in charge of the jail — claim the Beverly Hills PD made the arrest and ID’d the guy as the former Stone Temple Pilot Scott Weiland. Pseudo Scott was processed and has been in jail since July 26th.

The guy in jail allegedly stole the razors and had meth … but he ain’t famous.

UPDATE 4: Here’s the Beverly Hills Police Department’s “Celebrity Arrest Corrected Information.”

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, at approximately 9:34 a.m., the Beverly Hills Police Department received a call of a shoplift that had just occurred at the Rite Aid in the 400 Block of N. Bedford Drive. Police units ultimately arrested a suspect for that crime. Upon arrest, the suspect identified himself as former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland. The suspect was taken into custody for Burglary (459 P.C.) and Possession of a Controlled Substance (11377 H & S Code).

On Thursday, August 21, 2014, Beverly Hills Police discovered through an FBI Fingerprint Return that the subject arrested was not Scott Weiland. The fingerprint return positively identified the individual as Jason Michael Hurley (44 years of age). Beverly Hills Police will be requesting an additional criminal filing on Hurley for 148.9 (a) P.C. – Furnishing False Information to a Peace Officer. Records will be updated to properly reflect this information.

UPDATE 5: TMZ makes it clear just how big a fuck-up this was…

It’s breathtaking … because cops actually fingerprinted Hurley, which should have been enough for them to know it wasn’t Weiland, who himself has been fingerprinted before.

And get this … Hurley’s prints came back as HURLEY.

So, the first big screw up … the press office apparently didn’t know about the fingerprint results … and wrote a press release touting a “celebrity arrest” — Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots.

Get this … the D.A. charged Hurley almost immediately with 5 crimes. The case is written as People v. Scott Weiland a.k.a. Jason Michael Hurley. So somehow it got to the D.A. that Hurley was the guy, yet everyone kept saying it was Scott Weiland.

UPDATE … 6? 7?: Added some Facebook photos of Jason Michael Hurley up top. (The guy who sang “Interstate Love Song” is on the right in that first one.) Sure there’s a minor resemblance, but that’s why we have fingerprints! Hurley seems to be a singer as well.

LAST UPDATE: At a hearing 8/26, a judge determined he’ll be going by the name Jason Michael Hurley going forward.

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  1. My first intention was to make a joke about this but it’s actually too sad.

    • Right. It would almost be comical but I’m a real fan of the guy and this is really sad. I sure hope this is Scott’s rock bottom.

      • Rock bottom? He’s been there and done that. There was an extended period where he was generally clean. His last known major slip was in 2007 (alcohol and cocaine), but according to him, he has not done heroin (the drug that nearly killed him) since 2002. The last decade seems to have been relatively uneventful drug-wise compared to 1995-2002. I was actually shocked when I read about this most recent arrest.

    • Glad this was the first post. When a celebrity really fucks up, it really is the first instinct of the peanut gallery to point and laugh (I include myself in this), but it really is kind of tragic to see when celebrities, and ANYONE for that matter, take such a turn. Who among us has not fucked up or gotten in bad trouble–maybe not to the extent that Weiland has, and of course everyone must face the consequences of their decisions. Basically, it’s everything that Craig Ferguson posted in that great monologue re: Britney Spears was self destructing.

  2. This poor SOB. Jesus.

  3. C’Mon Scott, you’re ruining my dreams of a full STP reunion.

  4. Probably those freaking expensive razor blades. OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  5. Well, shit, son……

  6. If you decide to live your life impersonating Scott Weiland chances are you’ll end up in jail sooner than later.

  7. This story is like the Memento of news.

  8. This story started off sad and ended up being hi-larious. I like that.

  9. This was just a way of introducing us to Stereogum’s newest staff writer, M. Night Shyamalan.

  10. Now THERE’S an impersonator with gusto!! All the way down to the meth addiction.


  11. Well, at least I can make jokes now.

    Reports indicate the man actually arrested: Chester Bennington.

  12. love you scott AND stp, but im still mad at you for NOT SHOWING UP TO THAT GIG IN TAMPA!! I WAS FRONT ROW DAMNIT! the rest of the band was there, where were you?!

  13. I have to say, it definitely speaks to the sort of person Weiland has been in the past that this story was so easy to believe in the first place.

  14. Damnnn, sounds like Weiland might get a big payday soon–libel case against Beverly Hills PD *and* TMZ???

  15. The cops just took the guy at his word about who he was?? Since WHEN? They are supposed to verify you are who you say you are…social security number, picture ID, fingerprints, something that proves your identity. I guess the cops that busted the guy missed the “How to identify and properly book your suspect” class at the Academy, or they are just that gullible. In that case, everyone pick someone you want to pretend to be and the next time you’re in LA, you can tell people who you are. I want to be Brooke Burke.

  16. Good thing he wasn’t black because he’d be dead.

  17. This almost resembles a Lifetime movie plot.

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