Jeff Goldblum Finally Talks About The “Drunk Goldblum” Meme

FINALLY! Jeff Goldblum has made countless appearances on late night talk shows since a series of fan-created slowed-down videos of his Mac commercials and other gigs became famous as the “Drunk Goldblum” internet meme, yet no host has ever bothered to ask him about it until now. In the second half of Jeff’s interview with Jimmy Fallon on Friday, Fallon mentioned the meme, showed one of the most famous videos (a Mac ad) and showed Goldblum a new “Drunk Goldblum” video the show had created from a skit he did earlier on the show. Jeff seems to be a good sport about it, though it would have been a little more fun if he had confessed to absolutely loving the meme or something. But it’s still a major addition to Fallon’s cred as “the late night host who knows what an ‘internet’ is.”

If you’re new to the Drunk Goldblum phenomenon, here are the 8 Best Drunk Jeff Goldblum Videos. Great stuff!