The Time Traveler’s Wife Trailer Gives A Lot Away

They finally released a trailer for the Rachel McAdams/Eric Bana romance The Time Traveler’s Wife (August 14):

It seems like we’ve seen the whole movie! It’s hard to watch this without thinking of The Notebook, because Rachel McAdams seems to be playing an older version of the awesomely moody Allie Hamilton, minus the Southern accent, and I’ll be seeing this no matter what because RMc is my favorite non-comic actress, but, like, I wonder how the movie will get over how weird it is that Eric Bana’s character kept visiting a six-year-old girl in the woods? That just seems creepy. I think a fun way to see this would be to pretend it has a Sixth Sense twist thing going on and instead of being a time traveler, Eric Bana’s character is just a dick who goes to Vegas with the guys a lot.