Norm MacDonald Jokes About Crystal Meth On Letterman

Norm MacDonald went on Letterman last night and did his Norm MacDonald thing. That’s all anyone really needs to know at this point: Norm MacDonald is simply still the best late night TV interview subject. Here are the two funniest parts of last night’s appearance: Norm’s crystal meth joke and his f-bomb-filled story about old sportscaster Bob Uecker.

Norm on living wills and crystal meth:

Norm’s Bob Uecker story. (Context: Bob is an old man, and John Fogerty was in a hippie band.):

For some reason some bloggers are being like “Norm isn’t going to be asked back because he said the f word!” Respectfully, anyone who says that hasn’t been watching Norm’s outrageous late night appearances for the past decade. This one was actually kind of TAME for him. Norm MacDonald can do anything he wants.