Huggy, Learny How I Met Your Mother Saved By Guided By Voices Song

Well, we couldn’t just have funny, stand-alone episodes forever. That would be like if they just had cannibal monster mother episodes of The X Files forever (awesome.) No, they have to get to the “mythology” of the show’s premise and pay the piper mother. Last night’s show revealed itself at the end to be a time-shifter fakeout, but saved itself (for me at least) with a Guided By Voices montage at the end.

Contains spoilers, so if you DVR’d the show or plan to watch online, you might want to do that first. This is just for the GBV fans. Also: contains sentimental relationshippy gaggy stuff, but lately the show has been much cooler! Here’s a huggy (literally) Ted hugging people to “Glad Girls,” by Guided By Voices:

Trivia time:

1. The homeless guy was, of course, Dan Castellaneta, voice of Homer Simpson.

2. Interestingly, the GBV song “I Am A Scientist” was playing the night Ted and Marshall met. Woo-wooooo! Meaningful!

3. Stella is not, or is not definitively, or cannot be without massive ‘splaining to do, “The Mother.” For more geeky info on why this is so, check out the HIMYM fan blog Have You Met Ted?, where they are very angry at Yahoo! for claiming the mother was revealed last night. Geeks! (JK, it annoyed me too. I am a geek.)

4. Robin was just kidding about being pregnant. Duh.