The Best Of Amy Poehler On Weekend Update

By Lindsay Robertson / April 20, 2009 - 7:24 pm

This past weekend’s SNL was “The Best Of Amy Poehler,” and it was soooo good. I almost didn’t watch it because, you know, rerun, but I was curious about how Amy’s manic, childlike characters had stood the test of time, and the answer was almost too well. I guess all “Best Of” SNL episodes feel like this if the actor has left the show, but something about it had this almost obituary quality, like not like she’s gone, but like Amy’s grown up now and has put aside childish things. Which is crazy, because we’re only two episodes into Parks And Recreation, and what is she going to do, her Dakota Fanning impression? Anyway, I thought the best part of the show was this highlight reel of the best of Amy on Weekend Update, both because it was hilarious (and sad at the end), and because on a total girl level, her hair changed so much from show to show!

The show just put up a few recent bits and pieces, so here’s the whole thing:

And, totally aside from the missing-wild-crazy-Amy stuff, it was absolutely surreal to watch the Sarah Palin/Hillary Clinton press conference sketch and realize, holy shit, it’s only been eight months since Sarah Palin was thrust into our lives. Since the Sarah Palin sketches depended as much on the tension of whether or not Sarah Palin was going to be one heartbeat away from the presidency, this sketch has become a whole other thing. The comedy comes from how close we got, and how absurd that was, instead of an imminent threat:

I can’t believe how much NOSTALGIA is involved in watching that. It feels high-school-far away. Anyway, Amy Poehler rules.

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  1. It’s like I’m Haley Joel Osment and I see people whose absence is going to make SNL not as funny.

    Good night sweet princess

  2. I can’t believe how much NOSTALGIA is involved in watching that. It feels high-school-far away.

    Seriously. Remember when there was actually a chance she could be VP? Now, knowing what a has-been she already is, and how crazy-bananas her family is, we see what a clusterfuck (with a capital “CLUSTERFUCK”) that would have been.

  3. Jeb

    the best-of just made me realize how hard snl-ers have to work to be noticed. it takes years. i mean, amy’s been great for like ever, but she didn’t really receive meaningful attention until 18 or so months back.

  4. That Weekend Update mash-up was nice. I’ll miss her on the show. :(

  5. the short/wet/thinning hair look was BAD FOR BUSINESS. hilarious though. her comedic timing, not the hair.

  6. The sketch where she was the little girl in the music store was great too. Amy is best when silly!

  7. sarah palin

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  8. I still don’t know what a flerg is…

  9. PJ Beardsley

    “Flashin’ beav’ is part of the game”

  10. I’m glad the 50 cent update made it. Classic!

  11. The “right backatcha” from NYC to Madonna has got to be one of the best Weekend Update quips EVER.

  12. falfa

    with RIIICK in the music store was great but that damn one-legged reality show contestant makes me laugh hard every time. “Jealous?”

  13. I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a Needlers skit in here (in her “Best of”) somewhere. We laughed until we were almost crying at every one.

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  15. I love Amy Poehler. Whenever she and Tina Fey are together, it’s like a collision of amazing.

  16. Dabo

    Amy is awesome!
    But please, make a “Debbie Downer” special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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