SNL Just The Funny Parts: Steve Martin Played A Banjo For A Very Long Time

Is it just me, or did Saturday’s SNL seem aimed at our parent’s generation? Aside from the digital short, pretty much 100% of the show was (gulp), kind of, um, “Dad-humor.” Nobody loves Steve Martin more than me (I’ll even forgive him that “Hey look, I can play the banjo” segment), but if Paul Rudd’s episode last fall was coined “The Gay Episode,” this week’s was definitely “The Old Episode.” There were still a few funny parts, however (and the real McGyver!) So those are after the jump.

5. The State Of The Economy with Fred Armisen as Barack Obama.
Fred Armisen looks nothing like Barack Obama, but he’s starting to get the cadence down. “The white guy Oprah was crying on?”:

4. Ecstasy Mints
I don’t know what the first half of this sketch was about, other than eating up 3 minutes of our lives, so here’s the second half, which you will definitely find funny (if you’re stoned.):

3. McGruber
Look, I know this was an ad for Pepsi. But the return of Richard Dean Anderson to TV as McGyver is something that must be celebrated. (Did you know that you can Netflix every season of McGyver?)

2. Chewable Pampers:

1. Laser Cats 4 (duh):

And guess who’s going to be hosting on February 14? ALEC BALDWIN! Best Valentine’s Day ever!