They didn’t make his indie rock heavy iTunes Playlist, but Giant Drag has a fan in Daniel Radcliffe. It’s a slow Week In Rock, so MTV News turned it into a headline.

ANNIE HARDY: I think that’s awesome. Fucking Harry Potter, dude! I hear there’s a Web site for the countdown till he’s 18, like the Olsen twins site. It sounds fairly disturbing. I hope Harry Potter digs us. That rules.

If only Daniel Radcliffe voted in our stupid Miss Indie Rock 2005 poll … Annie would’ve tied Karen O!

Head over to Rodeo Town for Giant Drag MP3 rarities, including a beautiful cover of “God Only Knows.”

This post begged for a “Giant Dragon” play on words, but I spared you.

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  1. cindy loohoo  |   Posted on Dec 30th, 2005 0

    SPIN had a feature on mr. pooter too. turns out he’s been to more arcade fire shows than me (one) and gets hot over we are scientists. who would have thought?

  2. cindy loohoo  |   Posted on Dec 30th, 2005 0

    and by SPIN i mean rolling stone. tomayto, tomahto.

  3. karl  |   Posted on Dec 31st, 2005 0

    So Harry Potter and I have the same taste in music and woman…that’s disturbing somehow. He should have voted because Karen O is cool, but Annie Hardy is way hotter!

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