Just because Spencer Krug released a marimba and shit-drums EP and likely has a leg up on his next four releases does not mean he’s done mining the labyrinthine depths of his last LP for artworks the rest of us can lazily (yet totally accurately) label “epic.” The closing song to last year’s Dragonslayer is “Dragon’s Lair.” Worthy of its attention-mustering homonymic title, the set piece stretches over 10 minutes, cycling through dramatic passages and fairy tale imagery, so its Throneboogie written/directed/produced video is naturally far afield from the literally bare-boned “Black Swan” clip. Essentially a short film, the video stars a sword-wielding little girl named Jessica Dixon  roaming the highlands, riding a black stallion, generally being epic. Spence just earned mad Dungeons & Dragons points.

Dragonslayer is out via Jagjaguwar.

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  1. I want more Wolf Parade! Come on Krug!

  2. Very nice. Between this and the Liars video for “Scissor,” we’re getting treated to some pretty cinematography lately.

  3. Exactly the kind of video a long songs like this one need. Beautiful, engaging and with a story line.

  4. I’m going to see Wolf Parade in a couple months but I wish it was Sunset Rubdown. Dan Boeckner creeps me out.

    • How does Dan creep you out? He seems like the nicest guy out there and is the embodiment of rock and roll. As an aside, I enjoy Wolf Parade concerts more than Sunset Rubdown ones, although both are amazing experiences.

      • Having the pleasure of personally interviewing Handsome Furs, I can attest to the fact that Dan Beockner is an amazingly nice guy who shouldn’t creep anyone out!

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