We gave you The Brutalist Bricks’s brash opener “The Might Sparrow” a few weeks back, and now it’s got a fun video to go with it. The all-white room gives the band lots of opportunities to pull off little visual tricks, since you can’t immediately tell which direction is up. Also, there’s been a lot of talk around here about how Courtney Love is surprisingly well-preserved for her mid-forties (hat-tip to her plastic surgeon), but Leo looks pretty lively for a guy turning 40 this year. Must be the veganism/perpetual nice-guyness keeping him young — he’s only got smile wrinkles.

(Via P4K)


The Brutalist Bricks is out now via Matador.

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  1. Fun video for a killer tune!

  2. “I’m not saying this out of some inflated sense of the perceived value of what an interview with me means to a given interviewer or publication, but out of a sense of frustration, personal dignity, and respect for the three guys who I made this last record with, and am currently out on tour with. I will walk away from the next interview that refers to James, Marty, and Chris as a “pick-up band” or suggests that the band changes all the time. I’ve been playing with Chris for 10 YEARS (and he hasn’t SHAVED for the last 7 of them!) Marty for the last THREE, and James has only NOT been in the band for four of the last 11. What does it take to make THIS the narrative that people keep parroting when writing about me and this band? Too much? I’m too old.”
    - http://www.tedleo.com/2010/03/24/attention/


  3. Thanks for posting! I made this!

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